Saturday, September 6, 2008

The New Life

Okay, it has been a whirlwind here in Shah Alam. The place is nothing compared to Penang. I would never ever want to live here even if someone paid me to do it! Suffice it to say, Shah Alam sucks. Well, at least for me it does. I really really really wish I could go back to Penang right now! I wouldn't say I'm homesick but I do miss Penang! I WILL give any single miniscule little excuse to go back to Penang. The beaches, the beautiful blue sea, the nasi kandar, the chicken tandoori...every time I'm reminded of those things I feel my heart sink low into the pit of stomach. Yes, I don't cry every night whimpering "Nak balik hu hu..." but you can't help but miss youir home. Home is where the heart is and it really is the truth because honestly, you can never feel more secure and belonged in any other place in the world except your own home. And of course, I'm up to here *pinches fingers very closely* just missing my beloved family! Serious, rindu giler kot! My mama who is my bestest best friend! Wherefore art thou????

I didn't write in my blog for like a million gazillion years already so I missed out on stuff like how life was like the first few weeks. Basically, this is what I do on week days. I get up at 6 am or sometimes 5.30 if I feel fresh, bathe, dress up and wait at the bus stop in front of our dorm at 7 am. I'll take the 603 Rapid KL bus and wait for it to send me to Section 2 of Shah alam. Now, at this point, I am just going to say "Whatever you do just DON'T ask me where section 2 of Shah Alam is! Or what it is for that matter!". I just don't know the answer to that myself! Shah Alam, if you must know, is filled to the brim with the dumbest road systems EV-ERR!! It is a city full of sections...Section 17, Section 15, Section 3, Section, 4, all the way to infinity...It's not only confusing as hell but it is also the most insane thing I have ever encountered in all my 18 years of life! But the confusing road system in Shah Alam gets even better than that! Oh, yeah...! Shah Alam, I'll have you know, is also chock full of round-abouts! Round-abouts, I tell you! Round-abouts! Why for the life of me, would any sane human being put about a hundred round-abouts in a city????? What the hell do they think Shah Alam is? London? Sigh. But I guess human beings nowadays just don't want to use the brains that Allah The Almighty has given them. Poor, sad, pathetic losers...

Anyway, let me continue, after I'm at Section 2 I get to wait for another Rapid KL bus. This time it's bus number 529. This bus takes you to my faculty-The Faculty of Education! Lemme tell you something about my faculty; it rocks! Sure, it's a bit of a hastle getting there but I can honestly say it's a place I've grown quite fond of. The place has several blocks all looking like your average school blocks. In between blocks, you have the TESL square. The TESL square is a place my classmates and I (and probably the rest of the TESL kids) lepak at. It's this really cool spot where you get to sit in one of those pretty little wicker-steel chairs under a big umberella. There are these really beautiful tress there.The vines and branches tend to droop down and it will ineveitably remind you of a weeping willow but it's not a willow. When the wind blows, you want to sigh at its beauty and melancholy. Okay, now I sound like an emo. Hehe.

Quite honestly, I didn't really like my classmates all that much at first. I thought they were all wrong. I couldn't understand how a bunch of people doing TESL didn't know how to speak the English language itself??? It kinda vexed me at first. It still does I guess. I've had this whole dream and idea that once I got into TESL I'd be meeting people who were like me and Atiqah. You know, sensitive, brilliant (NOT being vain here), objective, insightful and ambitious English speakers who would've loved nothing more but to speak our second language most of the time. Guess what? I couldn't have been more wrong. My classmates, save for this one psycho, don't really like to speak the English language all that much. I didn't know the psycho was a psycho, at first, and I actually thought he was like me. Another dead wrong thing to assume. The psycho suddenly just uped and showed his true colours...Scared the living bejeebers outta me!

So, okay, I didn't think much of my classmates back then. I started changing my perception when I started to grow closer to this little mynx of a girl called Po. Yeah, Po's real cool. She's real short too. A tiny chubby little thing. I'm not trying to be mean here, just honest. Anyway, through Po, I got to be close to Nad and Cuna. Now, we're pretty close.

I guess it goes to show that you can't simply just make assumptions of the people around you. Sure, Nad and Cuna don't particularly enjoy speaking English but they're nice poeple and I guess I don't have to be fussy about it and pick and choose whoever I think is fit to be in TESL. I'm rather glad I didn't quickly rush into things. I had some thoughts of asking a lecturer if I could change classes. Maybe get into class C since I'd already found a friend or two in there. But I didn't and now I'm pretty content in staying in my class. There's still a couple of people who are annoying as EVER but I can live with them (think back to aforementioned psycho and multiply him by three. But it's real easy for me to ignore these clowns).
Classes have been alright. The only class I'm really enjoying lately is Listening and Speaking. We've got a really awesome lecturer. I think she's funny and witty. Apparently, a younger lecturer has taken her place and I think this one's real good too. Her name's Voviana and she's Malay. Weird name for a Malay but I think it sounds nice.
Throught it all, I'm just ever so grateful I've got my best friend, Atiqah, here with me. Sometimes, both of us need to unload stuff that's been bugging us. And lately, we've needed to unload a whole lotta stuff. Class psychos, nerds and hot stuffs sometimes just get up to our armpits and we are suddenly left with this awful rise in our stomachs and we can't help but vomit out whatever it is that we have to throw up. I think this is probably because Atiqah and I are passionate creatures. We like to search for our emotions. That doesn't make us emo though. I think it's important to know exactly what it is that you are feeling. It can help you a lot with understanding yourself. I hate to see it when someone is upset or frustrated and they can't understand what it is that got them to be that way. They have the inability to search for their feelings. You've got to be completely and utterly honest with yourself when you are digging deep into your soul and trying to search for the very core of your being. When you're honest with yourself, then you can be honest to other people. For the past few years, I've enjoyed being honest with myself. I am never unsure of what I'm feeling and it is such a comfort to be able to do that. It gives you peace. I wish everyone else was like this. It's so much nicer when you are able to express yourself freely and without fear. The rest of the world is probably saying "Dream on..." right now but I think a girl can always dream, right?
There are other things a girl can dream about too besides wishing for a more emotionally sensitive world. I also have dreams (that are impossible, I think) about this hottie at my faculty. This boy is really cute. He isn't too tall (just a couple of inches taller than I am) and he's quite skinny but he's just oh, so gorgeous. I'm valuptuos and I'm not all that skinny myself but I'm rather attracted to these gangly looking guys. He's already got himself a girlfriend though, and it irks me to think that I'll never have a chance with him but you never know...All's fair in love and war. It's just that the feelings I have for this boy are not all that serious. I can tell it's just a crush. And even though, I've had dreams about said boy (they're not the kind of dreams you're thinking!) I don't think my feelings for him go deeper beyond a simple crush. It's just that I'm not the kind of girl to fall for a person's looks alone. His personality is a big huge factor that overshadows looks. I wished I knew a guy who wasn't such a total moron. It's getting annoying when every single guy you come in close proximity is either from Mars or from a prehistoric swamp. Sigh. It cannot be helped though. The world isn't made to be fair.
I'll post another blog if I'm not in too much work. It's such a busy life...But I'm enjoying it as much as I'm haiting it...ZzzzzZZZzzz...Ngantuk!