Saturday, February 6, 2010

20th Birthday!!

Yesterday's yesterday I celebrated my 20th birthday with my friends! After class at APB, I went over with my friends to SACC mall so we could have our lunch there and celebrate my birthday.

I encountered some sort of trouble with my ATM card so by the time me and Nabil (my housemate who was such a kind hearted little doll) met up with the others at Secret Recipe, all of them were waiting for me! I kept apologizing again and again *starts singing 'Again and Again' by 2PM* but all of them said it wasn't a big deal. When my cute little friends say that, I feel as if I'm the luckiest person in the whole wide world! It's always nice to know that people love you!

Anyway, we ordered our food and sat there happily waiting to be served when Hanan (she's my other housemate/roommate) said she needed to go the bathroom.

"Eh, I nk g toilet jap. Yuni teman I."

I watched them go as the food arrived and I thought nothing of it.

It was when I was almost tucking into my mac and cheese was when Yuni and Nan came into Secret Recipe with this super HUGE plastic bag!

Guess what was in it? A super HUGE birthday card! It was pink and decorated with shiny pink hearts! It was the cutest thing ever! I was so touched by their gift I felt like crying but I think the joy of it all made my tear glands dry up! Lol. But no other words can express how truly happy I felt at this super sweet and wonderful gesture! Thank you my lovely friends for such a wonderful gift!

my birthday gift the HUGE card!
Thank you!

Reading what you guys wrote! Lol. So cute and sweet! May Allah bless you all!

Loving my b'day

With other birthday girl Nabilah, Eka's childhood friend!
Had a lovely birthday together!

Birthday doughnuts! The lettering done by Yuni! She used Choki2 to do it!
What an amazing job!

Well, that was when I celebrated with my friends. I just had a second celebration with my family just now but I'll write that one tomorrow! Right now I'm off to bed! God, sooooooooooooo sleepy...

Monday, February 1, 2010


Just because you're hurting,
Just because you're feeling,
Doesn't give you the right,
To be demeaning.

Just because you feel pain,
just because you're not feeling sane,
Doesn't give to the right,
To take it like as if it were a game.

Just because you feel blue,
Just because you feel down,
Doesn't give you the right,
To spread it all around.

Just because I'm happy,
And you're not,
Just because I feel good,
And you don't,
Doesn't give you the right,
To frown and moan.

You say it's cuz' you're hurting,
You say you can't help this feeling,
You say these things again and again,
It still doesn't make it right,
When will you repent and see the light?

I hate people like you,
Who think you're the only ones who hurt,
When we do too,
Everybody hurts,
And everybody cries,
So don't start screaming,
And shouting out your lies!

Stop thinking of only you,
The world doesn't only revolve around you,
You can't keep this attitude,
You're being so selfish,
You're thinking only of yourself,
Wake up, woman,
Nobody's backing you up,
There ain't no one left...