Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ugh! Mean Girls Go Away!

Okay, who the bloody hell do you think you are? Some kind of goddess from heaven or something? Puh-lease! You ain't all that!

Talking behind people's backs and bitching about anyone (and I do mean ANYONE) is like, your favorite pass time! It's disgusting! How can you be so hypocritical? It's totally inhumane.

"I'm getting fatter!"

"My boobs are too big!"

"I have man shoulders..."


are just some of the lame things you say to get others like US to say nice things to you. And god, before I knew what a frickin' b*tch you are, I wouldn't have ever said any of the things I did. I never did reassure your beauty. C'mon what do you frickin' take me for? Some lame ass freak who's too insecure of her own looks? Yeesh. But I did like to tell her off and say stuff like "If you think you're fat, what the bloody hell do you think I am then?? A blue whale?"

Shouldn't have done that though. Should've just frickin' told you that "Yeah, you really are getting extremely FAT! I bet you're bordering on obesity right now!" That would've been EPIC!!! And yeah, uhm, you actually deserve it.

How dare you talk behind my back and say mean things about me? How dare you go around all my friends' back and say bad things about them??? What is your problem??? Do you know that I don't say a single bad thing about YOU! Yes, you the frickin' devil who has horns in the back of her head.

Ugh, whatever. Your boyfriend's an idiot I must say. He's way too good for you. I mean, poor dude's got his b*lls in such a stitch, he can't even breath. The only reason he's still with you is because you're pretty and that's about it. I cannot see any other reason why he wants to be with you. You're mean to him. Granted you may kinda love him but I think you're a bit too vain. You think you can yell at him and scold him all you want cuz' he will never leave you cuz' oh, right, you're pretty. What else is the reason? It solves everything in this world. Your beauty. Beauty = problems solved.

I think you suck. Stop saying bad things about people! I despise people like you most! You're evil! You're a mean girl!

If it weren't for you NONE of us would ever b*tch about each other behind our backs! Not like I do anyway. Whenever you b*tched about *^% I try my best to defend her because she is my friend and I love her. Unlike you. But seriously, before you came along, we never b*tched about anyone. @#@ never ever said mean stuff about *^% before you came into our group and spread your evil! And neither did !@#$% for that matter. We loved each other and despite our differences and our disagreements, we still didn't talk bad about each other behind each others' backs!

Ah, when the spawns of evil are at its work, it spreads across our sweet untainted group like a cancer. A disease that is deadly and if we're not careful, it might just be fatal.

She's here right now. Spreading her evil seeds around us everywhere. She is everywhere. Like shadows and all that is dark and evil and hideously mean. She follows us everywhere. She is the demon in our hearts. She is the one we have to overcome the most.

Do you know why people hate you so much? Because you are one of the