Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Am HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone! It's been a while actually since I've 'actually' gone back but I'm just pure lazy when it comes to these kinds of things. My blog, unfortunately, is always left neglected for some time until I get off my lazy bum and write something down. Haaaa!~ Penang! Home! Quite nothing like it! I'm just ever so glad that now I'm back all safe and sound in my cozy little house with my beautiful family. Ah, it actually tastes like a little piece of heaven! And all the food! Nih yg nk wat cm Kei nih! "The FOOD! Think of the FOOOOD!!!" Haha! Lol.

And all that unlimited access to the internet! Wohooo! Gile menyeronokkan! Have been downloading songs, watching videos left and right and getting all those pix of Kazuya Kamenashi and Akanishi Jin like crazy! Ya gotta love all those Gokusen dudes! They are way HAWT! :D

What else have I been doing these couple of days? Hm??? Oh, yeah, eating! There's like a mountain of food in the fridge right now! You can barely shove anything else in there! And just yesterday Mama made pineapple pie! OMG! I'm so gonna get fat but who gives a shit, right? I can eat what I like and guess what it's my frickin' body and I'll do whatever I like to it thank YOU very much! Hmph! Well, anyway, yes I haven't yet been any where yet except for last night. We had dinner at this gerai somewhere at Jalan Tengah. Actually both Mama and Papa wanted to go to this other restaurant called Pak Hussein or something but Ima and Yaya were screaming and yelling at the very idea of it.

Grudgingly they admitted that the food at this 'Pak Hussein' was very delicious but the real reason why they didn't want to set foot in this place was because there was this creepy old man who kept on harassing them. They got really scared of him. Ima said that the asshole actually went and said "Hak yg mana yg kakak?" to which she replied quietly "Saya." And the fool kept on trying to approach them. When I heard what the stupid retard did it immediately brought back memories of me at the Section 17 bus station in Shah Alam. You know those ugly freaks that yell at the top of the lungs "Johor Bahru!!" or "Pulau Pinang!!"? Yeah, well, one of these freaks actually had the nerve to comment me! ME!!!??? I was yawning at that time and he saw me from A FAR(mind u) and had the audacity to say "Haaa, dia dah menguap!" What the hell was that all about??? I wanted to just grab this HUGE stick or pole or something and just RAM it up his stupid face! Seriously! He was just *so* annoying!

So I told Ima and Yaya about it and said that if that sort of freak ever came near you guys again just completely ignore them! Glare at them but don't say a word. Show how disgusted you are by these idiotic 'kolot' people but don't speak! They're just one of those idiotic morons who just happened to have crawled out of a cave and probably came into human contact for the very first time.

Ima and Yaya said they were seriously creeped out by the dude because he was an ugly old balding man with one tooth missing. He sounded like a piece a shit to me. They said he looked like a pervert. He even went and comment "Haaa, awat muka masam?" at Ima when she made a face at him. OOooooh! Kalaulah aku dapat laki tu serious nk bagi ja! Nk bantai muka dia puas2 buang! Makhluk macam tu tak patut biaq hidup lah! Meluat betui!

Mula2 tu Mama and Papa still wanted to go to that Pak Hussein place. And in the car, all of us kept arguing with each other. Mama and Papa both accused Ima and Yaya of over-reacting and being dramatic. But as my two little sisters kept on telling them what really happened, and me supporting them, Mama and Papa said "Alright, we'll go eat at the other restaurant." The girls really cooled down at the thought and all of us started to talk about these 'weirdos'. Papa kept on saying things like "The next time I catch this guy doing that to you guys I'm gonna tell 'im off!!" or "Patut mau ckp skit 'Hang tok sah dok ganggu budak2 lah! Hang buat kerja hang sendiri sudahlah!'".

In any case, the other place we went to served quite delicious stuff too. Later, as we drove on, I saw that Pak Hussein restaurant and it sure did look a nice place to eat. But no regrets. My poor little dears were severely creeped out by the sicko and they've developed a phobia for that place. Yaya actually cried out "This place is CURSED!!" to which me and her started quoting The Mummy; "This is cursed! That is cursed!" Lol. I pity the girls. I know how they feel. It's like having a retarded stalker (actually used to have one those...eeek!) following you everywhere. Well, I suppose that's about it. Have found a new love in the Gokusen dudes and J-Pop band KAT-TUN. Hey! Say! JUMP is also pretty good too. Hm, should give Jun Matsumoto's band Arashi a try as well. Ja ne!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Just wanna write a couple of things here. I've been getting pretty close to one of B classmates lately. He's really nice and I'm glad now that we actually share some secrets with each other. I mean, we've only had a couple of weeks and within this short period we've already known quite a bit about each other. He's spilled to me some things that I have sworn not to tell any one. Apparently though, it seems lotsa people seem to already have guessed it...Sigh. Poor Lil' Guy. From now on, he shall be known as Lil' Guy.

I've also been getting really sick and tired about this freakin' drama thing. The sad thing is that when you're doing drama, there will be other dramas that accompanies it. For example, Bugsy has been crying her eyeballs out due to a little glitch on stage and Noodle had to step in for her. Poor sweet little Bugsy. It's not really her fault though. I blame the Bucktooth for this! It's all his fault! Going on around and comparing us to all the other productions out there.

"Look at Yada3's drama! They even have a superb dance sequence thingy in it! We should be more like them!" says Bucktooth, going all high and mighty.

And I was like , 'Sh@# man, if you wanna compare us to Yada3's drama then that is like comparing a blue whale and a guppy! That's so not fair!'

But we went on with this idea and danced our heart out and even then Bucktooth was not happy.

"Why aren't we synchronized? Why do we look so...unorganized?" he cries out in his annoying voice.

At this moment, I have a huge urge to just go over and slap the living daylights out of him! Thank goodness I am quite a patient person.

So the dances...Well, because of these dances, most of us have neglected the script. And Bugsy's breakdown was the ultimate proof of it! But now that we've all cooled down...hopefully, everything will turn out okay.

Due to exhaustion out of drama practice have now had not enough sleep. I see eye bags under my eyes...Not a pretty sight.

Not only that, couldn't get to see Dr. Hanim for her approval of my topic for the god damn argumentative essay. Sigh. Now I'll never know whether or not my essay will actually get some marks. Insyaallah, jadi la kot...Tried seeing her today but she doesn't want to have anything to do with me. Practically showed me the door herself. Sigh. Redha je la time tu...Suppose it is my own fault. Sigh. (Have been sighing a lot lately)

Have now just found out that Grammar class is canceled and am rather thrilled. At least there's a bit of good news somewhere. It sucks living the awful life here in Shah Alam where you're so far away from your family and nothing good has been happening to you lately and your head actually literally feels like it's been run over by a train! Here it comes another big, fat HUGE sigh! SIGH! I pray to Allah that everything will turn out alright in the end. That maybe somehow or other Dr. Hanim will accept my essay and that everything will go smoothly well with the drama and that I do well for the finals and that I'll get to continue in the BEd TESL programme. I also hope that my Listening and Speaking test goes well.

Gonna hope and pray for the best.