Sunday, May 22, 2011


So okay, it has already been over 3 weeks since I have started my intersession. For those of you are wondering what it is, it's just basically me taking a course for next semester and doing it in the holidays. The course I'm taking is Economics.

I think Economics has been pretty interesting so far. I am still able to understand what is being taught and guess what? I am actually REVISING and STUDYING nowadays! Have you ever heard of that before??? I am not known for studying or for revising stuff. I'm a lazy bum who will never want to touch an educational book even if my life depended on it...Well, okay I do study but it's only ever last minute stuff. I don't do it just for fun! Uh, hello! Like, never!

I will NEVER be like this guy over here
unless it's the finals...

When you're doing this whole intersession thing, I guess it's fair to warn you that please if you have any hope at all about meeting cute guys in your class(es) just abandon those hopes. It's not gonna happen. The boys that you'll see are probably the ones from your course. Go figure.

No, there will be no Ian Somerhalders lying about anywhere near while you're doing you're
Dream on!

And most certainly NO Alex Pettyfers as well.
Nope, NOT gonna happen. :)

And let's not even start on James Franco. Sigh.

Besides this, it is probably good to warn you that most shops and stores you are familiar with are not going to be open when everyone else is having their holidays. So it's best if you prepare a list of places where you can get some grub that won't be closing at all even if it's the semester's break.
And by grub, I only mean yummy looking stuff like Char Kuey Teow. ;)

Oh God, I think I just died and went to food heaven!

Nasi Goreng!!! Most favorite dish to order at sec 2.

It is also going to get verrrrryy lonely. I knew this was gonna happen of course. I mean, everyone else has gone off to have fun somewhere! Happily jumping about everywhere! I knew this, but it just never cease to AMAZE me how quiet the very busy UiTM can be! I kept commenting on it and I think I pretty much annoyed some people in the process!


Make sure you have reliable internet connection, books, mangas, animes, your laptop, and other entertainment things to keep you company. Since I only took one class for the intersession, we only attend class in the morning from 11am to 2pm (ha! 2PM, fave k-pop band) and the rest of the day we are FREE! FREEDOM!~ FREEDOM!~ FREEDOM!~ Gotta give what you take!~

-__- *ignore my bad singing*

Okay, so basically those are all the things I feel are interesting enough to report here. So if ever you wanna do the intersession thingie, I say go for it and be prepared for all of the above things. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stupid Ads...

Admittedly, they are pretty but it's gonna get dirty anyway so why bother?

There have been several very stupid ads lately here in Malaysia...No, make that plenty of stupid ads. These commercials that have aired on our local tv have been so horrendously bad that I am beginning to think that is physically impossible for us to produce good advertisements. There is just something very wrong with the way we market our products and services. Only a very small percentage ever really make sense.

One particularly BAD ad that has been floating around on my mind is the new Kotex pads ad! It is the most stupid thing on earth!

The ad starts out with three friends, all girls of course, walking around a shopping mall looking at things and admiring them. These girls look at a wedding dress and of course it's white because it's a wedding dress -DUH! But apparently, this does not satisfy them. Instead, they are thinking "There's something wrong with this picture...But what is it?" And then they go to a bakery or something like that and see all these pretty cakes and stuff but they're all white too. Once again, they have that same unsatisfied look splashed across their faces. Oh, and before all that, they walked out some place and found and old man selling some 'kacang putih'.

Apparently, the white cakes and pastries just seemed to be the last straw for the ring leader and she simply had to do something about it. She whipped out the new Kotex pads with -and this is the best part- flower patterns sprinkled all over the pad!! Flower patterns, I tell you! FLOWERS! On pads!!! Whatever the hell for? My housemates/ classmates were all going "WTH? Why would anyone get bored at looking at wedding dresses that are white? They're wedding dresses, for god's sake! And why do we need flowers on our pads?? You bleed on it anyway! No purpose whatsoever!"

Regardless of the sheer stupidity of the ad, my friends and I resolved to find a better commercial that would introduce Malaysian women to a whole new concept of wearing flowers on the pads.

We tried...
We tried....

We tried.........

We tried.................

We tried.......................

And gave up! The concept's too dumb that trying to help it succeed was fatal from the very beginning. Meh. Well, I figured we should try at least, seeing as we were English language students and could go into broadcasting or advertising if we so desired. Local ads aside, please check out some cool ads from the US and other countries like:

Jack-In-The-Box fries fight ad:

Visa Mastercard ad:

Chocolate ad:

And the best, last but DEFINITELY not least, US Kotex ad:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finished watching Katangatari.

Katanagatari and its beautiful art.
This is just the novel cover though.

So I finished watching Katanagatari and I seriously think it's a great anime. The incompetent fool who wrote the subtitles to my video, however, got a lot of things messed up so I'm thinking of downloading better subtitles and then re-watching it.

Katanagatari is great because:

1. It is quite refreshing and original. I get it that the concept of using 'human swords' are not unheard of even if they are rare but the plot line is pretty upbeat and I rarely find myself yawning when I watch an episode. One reviewer said that he thought Katanagatari was more of a character development kind of anime instead of being called 'action'. I beg to differ. Certainly the anime delves deep into character development (Shichika from a complete emotion-less tool to a human sword who's brain can comprehend a house that's gaudy and laugh at it) but there is plenty of action as well! Each anime has action scenes in it so I wouldn't call it an anime whose sole purpose was to look at how the characters blossom. It's part of it, yes, but so's it a pat of the action.
Shichika and Togame.

2. Character designs!~ They are beautiful! I still pretty much dislike Togame but she got a bit bearable towards her death (SPOILER ALERT!). Her clothes still sucked though. I thought hers was the ugliest piece of sh*t ever but the Maniwa Corps sucked @ss too. HOWEVER, Shichika's design is attractive, masculine with a touch of feminine and suitable for his Kyoutoryuu style of fighting. He was what got me interested in the anime in the first place! XD Uneri Ginkaku was a wicked cool too. Simple, dark and gloomy, with the black and white hair to boot! Lol. He was rather fine in a dark mysterious way. Sabi Hakuhei was cool too. Something about him screams 'SNOW!' Well, anyway, he's your resident pretty white haired boy so go figure. They're always awesome as in @.@ & o.O and cool as in -___- and super duper strong like @+@. Wish I saw more of him though...
Shichika in battle with Sabi the smexy white haired boy. :D

Uneri Ginkaku, the mysterious and dark ronin from Inaba.
Doesn't he just look so wicked cool?

Hideous ugly design. I like her with shorter hair though.
Clothes remain vomit-inducing.

3. ACTION! The fighting scenes are EPIC! And I loved how this anime doesn't just show people hack each other up with cool flashy moves but don't tell us viewers what the heck just happened. This one actually explains to us the nature of a person's techniques ie. :- Shichika: swordless, uses arms & legs as swords; Ginkaku: drawing sword technique, super fast at the speed of light; Nanami: Ill girl because she's too strong and that learning techniques literally makes her WEAKER! Yep, go figure...; etc, etc.
I'll say this, the only reason which pisses me off about Katanagatari is the fight that was never seen;
Sabi Hakuhei vs Yasuri Shichika!
Glimpses of it was awesome though.

Also, it's very interesting to watch the Kyoutoryuu in action as well as adrenaline pumping. Meisai's sword technique was fascinating to watch too. I don't think I've ever seen a technique like hers before even tho I've toyed of the concept for some time. Ginkaku is just wicked! I've always had a fascination for sword drawers! Kenshin, anyone??? I think he and Sabi are my new anime crushes! They're so wickedly AWESOME!!! Kyaaaa!~~ Fangirl cry!

Yasuri Shichika in one of the Kyoutoryuu stances.

4. Character Development: It is surprisingly good. I was seriously praying that this anime was good while I was downloading it. I was so hoping it wasn't one of those stupidly boring animes which were supposed to be swords and fights and romance but instead got sidetracked with displaying a bunch of pretty boys holding katanas, drinking tea and looking cool all day long (Peacemaker Kurogane, pops in my mind right now). Thank god, it wasn't! Now let's look at how the characters blossom:

Yasuri Shichika: From an emotionless retard with no human social skills whatsoever, the dude seemed to grow a bit of humanity throughout the series. I was glad that by the time he met Konayuki, he had grown some empathy and sympathy for her loss as well as his reluctance to do her any real harm. I was seriously growing to like him by then. He also developed in the sense that; before, he was certainly willing to take life just for the fact that he was 'Togame's sword' but actually even felt a bit...dare I say it, guilty, I guess, at killing Meisai, Ginkaku, Sabi and Koumori at the end of the series. When that Holy-man whatshisname asked him "why do you fight?" and told him it was no small deal killing people, bro; dude finally got some clue about what he'd done. He didn't regret those killings, but, he finally understood why he does those things for Togame, why loved her and how that love drives him to do her biding "willingly" as before that, he was just a puppet with no real emotions.
Yasuri Shichika in extremely serious mode.
I think this was how he looked like after Togame died.

11 year old Itezora Konayuki with the Herculean strength and she was the weakest in her clan.

Togame: Pure hatred towards this bitch for the whole time of the series until I finally reached the episode with that Zanki Kiguchi girl. I just thought she was quite cute when she got all jealous of Zanki and Shichika. It was kinda sweet too when she thought she saw them kissing and later on cried. Haha! I guess, I prefer her more with short hair. Also, when they met that Holy-man dude, I cried for her! Poor girl! Her dad's head getting chopped off like that in front of her very eyes and her dad being a pretty boy was a plus too. Meh. I felt sorry for her. Her chracter seriously grew and changed and I really liked that about her. DESPITE this, I still harbor some irritation towards her...Sigh.

Why do you hate me so, Lily-chan?
Lily: I hate you because you're just a total heartless skank but that seemed to evaporate a bit by episode 8 and beyond...Still, you are VERY annoying.

Maniwa Corps: Wish they'd delve a bit more for these guys. I seriously thought Chouchou and his smexy big boobed babe had a story to be explored but, alas, there wasn't. Huou was pretty cool ('cept for the design) but he wasn't looked into either. Not much you know about them but they're ugly to look at anyway so, meh, just die already!

The Maniwa Corps. A group of ninja wearing bright colors with animal themes.
And get this, they belong in special squads too like the beast squad, fish squad and insect squad.
Characters were quite memorable *some* but the designs were pretty whacked.
Who's ever heard of brightly dressed up ninjas?

Chouchou and his smexy GF/ whatever. I forgot her name but I rather liked her.

Yasuri Nanami: I suspected that this chick had some spikes to her when in the first episode, Shichika told her he'd created a new technique and that he wanted her to see. Also, when Koumori launched an attack of kunais, she pushed Togame and numskull Shichika out of the way. No ordinary chick would've known that a bunch of kunais were flying your wayif you weren't somewhat experienced in combat, right? And lo and behold, Nanami, ill girl with thin arms and legs that can barely hold up, who's soft and gentle demeanor depicts that of a weakling, is actually only an ill girl because her body is too strong for her to contain it in the first place! She is shockingly powerful and frightening when she is in combat. She has the freaky ability to observe people's techniques and then master it upon second observation. Nanami, is seriously whacked in the head though! You do not want to face her as an opponent when she's got that psycho grin on her face! No scratch that! You don't want to face her as an opponent AT ALL! Her character development isn't that deep but since she is extremely surprising, she gets gold stars for that! Yay, Nanami!
Yasuri Nanami. Very scary older sister. I think she might have even harbored some incestuous love for her bro...IDK. Just my opinion. I mean, it's not unheard of in Japanese anime, right?
All of these underlying themes...T__T Meh.

Princess Hitei: Insignificant bitch. I really don't care for her much.

Princess Hitei who seemed to have a HUGE love for pink roses.
She accompanied Shichika in his travels after the series reached its end.
Maybe they'll end up together...IDK.

Enmonzaemon: I think his clothes are lame but he'd be interesting to draw. Hahaha! Techniques and stuff didn't really move me. They should've shed some history on this fellow.

Enmonzaemon. When first saw him fight Shichika in the AMV I watched, I thought he was a girl.
That slim figure did got me to wonder what gender he really was.
And I went on a rampage to find this anime then.

Well, the character development mostly focuses on the two main characters so I guess that leaves nil room for the others to develop...sigh.

Anyway, yes, Katanagatari is seriously an awesome anime! I looooooooove it to death right now! I am currently in need to find a replacement anime for the void I feel but at the same time am too high on Katanagatari. I need swords and sword fighting in the anime! Lots of them! Maybe I'll try Samaurai Champloo soon...We'll see.
A future look of how things would be? I don't know but I think the pic is very well drawn! :)
Well, that's it then.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Togame: the annoying, 'cheerio' yelling white haired bitch with a weird psychotic personality. ugh!

check it, there's this new anime i've been watching and getting hooked on. it's called katanagatari. for those of you who're anime freaks, please go check this out cuz' seriously it's awesome! plenty of fighting scenes, cool art, cool characters , etc. everything that a good anime lover would like. (well, shonen lovers, i guess).

anyway, it's the anime i love and i like the hero/anti-hero (depends on how you wanna interpret him) BUT....i just freaking HATE that b*tch Togame!!!!! i hate togame! i hate hate hate hate hate her!!!!! she's such a disgusting thing! i feel like killing her all the time! so fucking annoying!!! yahhh!~

anyway, here's some pictures of her so ya'll (whoever the f*ck ya'll are since nobody bothers with this shitty blog anyway) don't get bored...sigh.
cute couple?? i DON'T think so. i hate them together!!! ugh!~

kukuku!~ i think i'll just annoy lily-chan here since my very existence bugs the hell out of her life. GAH! DIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee togame-bitch!

why i hate togame? she's just evil to me. not a kind bone in her. she's willing to kill most anyone just as long as she can collect her stupid swords. EVIL = STUPID MAIN CHARACTER. and because she's evil i don't think she suits shichika. shichika has no humanity and he should probably be w/ someone kind and sweet so he could become kind and sweet too. meh. i just effin' hate her!

another reason...she's so annoying! already said that but whatever! she is! she likes to jump up and punch shichika while yelling 'cheerio!' which is supposed to be her catchphrase or whatever. totally fucking stupid! she probably thinks it's cute or something. to me, she just looks like a retard. meh.
see!!!?? punching him while yelling 'cheerio!' what kind of retard does that????

yay! on with the moronic 'cheerio!' yell...retard.

reason no. 3: she is COMPLETELY shameless. i HATE girls like her! i can't believe she bathed NAKED with an equally NAKED shichika!!! WTF??? ugh! she wasn't even blushing. she even told him to stand up so she could look at his NAKED NAKED NAKED NAKED body!!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!~ what kind of a dirty girl is she??? has she no shame whatsoever? i thought she was supposed to be some feudal lord's daughter and a princess by birth or some other shit like that. (i haven't watched the complete series bt i just can't stand her!) AND THEN she has the grace, i tell you, the FUCKING GRACE to blush when shichika says cute endearing things like "i wanted o be your sword!", or "i fell for togame!" or whatever. she even blushed like mad when he tickled her collar bone. what the HELL?? what is THAT? what is THAT??? GAH! fucking hate her! psycho bitch!!! there was another time when she even dressed naked in front of shichika too! i seriously SQUIRMED with unease as i watched that episode. YUCK!

i'll admit...i hated shichika a whole lot at first too but he kinda grew on me by the time i reached episode 8...i thought oh he does have some kindness to him...quite cute. and oh, he can be beaten after all...meh. anyway, i guess the whole point of this post is...I HATE TOGAME!!!