Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson, Puncak Perdana and pure TORTURE!!!!

Okay, first things first. Puncak Perdana. I'm sure many TESLians would know what I'm talking about here. It's just this god forsaken place in the middle of no where!! I went there cuz' I received the surat tawaran from the internet and it stated the date 27th July. I was already feeling sooo bummed about going back so early and then it went downhill!! So me and my bro and my mom drove there, right? And the stupid awful sign boards just keep on confusing people. We kept getting lost here and there! I was beginning to feel this awful sinking feeling right in the pit of my stomach. You know that feeling when all your intestines feel like they're swimming and wriggling about each other? And your organs feel like they're about to drop right out of your body? And when you feel like suddenly there's no floor and you're just falling down into a black abyss? Yup. That's the miserable feeling I felt. I kept thinking to myself; "Ya Allah, please don't let them ask for stupid things like the medical check-up sh@t and 200 gazillion borangs!! I went thru that crap already and I ain't goin' thru all that again!!"


But my nightmare came true...Once I got there, I noticed girls holding on to the x-ray files. My heart practically went *CLUNK!* at the sight of those dreaded brown files. I wanted to run away and never set foot in a university again, education and work be damned! I took big gulps of air and tried not to burst into tears as we unloaded and packed everything from Abang's car. Getting all of my stuff in the room I was assigned to was such a pain! And then I unpacked everything and put them in my closet. I'll have to admit the rooms in Puncak Perdana were fantastic! But I still had that brimming feeling of utter doom.

Scared To Death

So I go over to the other room in that apartment and shyly asks the girl if she was new.

"Are you new here? I mean, is this your first time getting into university?"

"Yeah," answers the girl.

"Oh, I've been in UiTM before but I did ASASI TESL and I've been through all of that MMS thing!"

She doesn't get anything but the next girl I met told me a right horror! Her name was Biha.
And she told me it was all because I clicked on the wrong link! She said when we checked on the upu website the link that directed us to the surat tawaran was not what we should have clicked on. What we should have done was go right into the student portal link and then get our surat tawaran. The one in the student portal would've stated the beautiful date: 3rd July. The one on the 27th was for all the kids to go over and live in Puncak Perdana for one miserable week for that MMS thingy and then pack up and move over to the main campus once all the MMS crap's over! Why on earth would anybody plan something as stupid as that?? Why send kids to live in a god forsaken place in the middle of no where only to have them travel back to the main campus??? Honestly, I think it was some sorta brain wash thing they did to kids. You know; the whole get-them-to-a-god-forsaken-place-and-brainwash-them kinda thing?


And once I found this whole thing out, I told this lady everything and she sympathized with me. She told me I had two options; 1. That I stay for the sh*tty MMS thing again and just wait for the buses to come and take me back to the main campus like all the other girls or 2. I packed up my stuff myself and go back to Penang to get all of the medical check-up and borang thingy done then go back to Shah Alam and straight away daftar diri kat kolej dlm main campus. I chose option 2. Imagine the horror of getting all of those things back down from the 4th floor.

So now I'm back home. YAY!!! But it'll only last for a few days...:( I'll have to call that lady again and ask her where should I daftar diri. It's all so complicated, yeah? I hate how the whole system works! I almost died that night by carrying all of those heavy things. It was exhausting.

Today, I've printed out everything I needed to and I've done that sh*tty medical check-up thing. I just need to get all of the other photostated copies chopped and signed by a grade A officer. Ya Allah, I hope I won't get into any trouble once I'm there at the main campus. I pray for that.


On to Wacko Jacko.


God, I was so sad the morning I was leaving for Puncak cuz' that was the morning I found out that Michael Jackson died.

The world had never known a better singer, dancer, performer or artist. He was truly great at his craft; a real genius. So gifted and talented. Justin Timberlake could try to dance like MJ but it still won't look as good! No one could copy Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson was simply unique! He was on a whole different level.

You ask anybody, be it your very own maid from Indonesia(I actually did ask my maid that when I was 10), everybody knew who Michael Jackson was.

People took advantage of him and made him out to be a sick pedophile. Well, if he was such a sicko how come the police couldn't find anything on him? You know pedophiles would have their ways of satisfying their sick needs ie. photographs, websites, videos, etc, etc. Pedophilic rings are always like that. But nobody could pin a thing on Michael. And why would one of the parents of said abused child want to settle such a horrid act outside of court? If your child was sexually abused would you just give it up like that? Wouldn't you wanna see the sick dude rot in jail?

He was a humanitarian. He loved children and he himself was like a child. He saw the world with the eyes of child. He had that sweetness and innocence to him. I'm not saying he was an angel but he was not the sick person people thought he was. He tried to make the world a better place with his songs. He tried to make people aware of what the earth was turning into in Earth Song. He made people think about racism with Black and White.

People who wanted his money destroyed him and in the process rid the world of a great artist. Well, at least he's now a muslim so we'll see him in heaven. :)

Favorite songs and clips of all times:



Smooth Criminal


Remember The Time

Beat It

Billie Jean

Ghosts, a 38 long minute video clip.
Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Scream with sister Janet Jackson.
The most expensive video clip in history.
$7 million dollars.

In The Closet with Noami Campbell

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You've received an Award, doll!!

Copy award di atas dan nyatakn 5 fakta tentang si pemberi award tersebut:

Thank you my wonderful friend. Arigatou gozaimasu! ;)

About Atiqah Anas:

1. She is extremely hard working and ambitious. You can stop her at all!! She will keep going forward as long as she is still breathing!
2. Not a wanna-be but she's a gonna-be lawyer. Insyallah. :)
3. A loyal, considerate, honest-to-god friend! She'll never betray you...Your the best in a friend that anybody would want!
4. Is extremely smart. She's got the mindset and the intelligence of a pro! You do not want to debate her!
5. Passionate!! She will go through lengths about anything she is passionate...Music, friends, family and taekwan-do(etc, etc) included!

Setiap blogger mestilah menyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi sendiri sebelum memilih:

About me:

1. I'm a huge manga buff. I spend hours on Onemanga just to read various mangas.
2. Constantly on the computer nowadays. All I do is download songs and read other people's blogs. I rarely update my own. Such a lazy bum...
3. Have been eating and eating like nobody's business. Mama has agreed to be my chubby buddy so we're both dieting and puasa-ing.
4. Have fallen in love with Christian Bale again after watching him in Terminator Salvation...
5. Keep telling herself to draw something cool this holiday but still have not...
6. Likes bishonens that people will say look like bapoks...My brother and mother included. Sigh. D:
7. Have been known to break things, drop things and destroy her body parts in the process...Am such a KLUTZ!!
8. Has been dancing the robot every time a dance song comes on...And she's getting pretty good at it too...@.@
9. Is fasting as she writes this and has about the most horrible toothaches of all time. The fact that she is fasting makes it impossible for the pain to go away....>.<
10. Is gonna go watch all of the movies her brother has handed to her which includes Blood In, Blood Out, Pulp Fiction and The Butterfly Effect.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Cats...Cats are such beautiful creatures aren't they? I just love cats. There's something going on with them, don't you guys think? The way they move...All sleek and sexy. Wish I could move like that. Instead I was blessed with utter clumsiness and have been known as a klutz, 'budak cemerkap' and other stuff of the same meaning. They're also a bit like babies. You know how sometimes when you look at babies and you think "OMG, they're just sooooo CUTE!! It's like they know they're cute!!" Kucing pun samalah jugak....It knows the power of its cuteness and that it is capable of rendering even the most stoic and aloof people utterly helpless due to its cuteness factor. Kittens are especially cute! Just thinking about them makes me feel like I wanna grab one and cuddle it to death. Natch. Sai once said to me, "You're like the animal psycho killer version of Albert Fish, y'know that!" Lmao. That was cute Sai.

Anyway, I used to have a cat of my own. Two cats actually. The first was called Muffin. Yeah, we like to name our cats with utterly cute and soppy names like that. I personally think it maximises the cuteness factor of a cat. The second kitty was called Baby. See what I mean about the names? What could be cuter than Baby? She was the sweetest most manja kitten in the world. I used to cuddle her and rock her like a real baby and sang her lullabys and watch her sleep in my arms. Utter cuteness!!! She had the sweetest purr too. It was a sound that said "Feed me cuz' I'm cute!"

Muffin was a male cat and Tok Mummy used to call him a gangster! No kidding! But he was cute though and had a particular soft spot for Abang. What am I saying? Abang had a particular soft spot for him! That cat actually died while waiting for my bro. It was so sad...Sometimes Abang says that Muffin will one day return to us. I think that's never gonna happen cuz' when they don't come back then that could only mean that it is the end for them. Poor sweet dears. We truly loved them though.

OMG! She looks a whole lot like Baby!

Cats...I remembered one cute picture of a cat once posted in the Malaysian magazine Gempak. Could never forget that one.

Here are some pics of kitties getting all creative and cute with glass...

I clearly DO NOT like parties...

Oh great! This is your idea of getting 'snug'?

"Plenty of space for me to tap dance!"

"Soooo...Your a boy, huh???"

"Whatchu lookin' at, punk?"

"Hic! Squeeze me!"

"Hey, Tony! Why don't you, uh, fill me up a bit, eh? 'Preciate the gesture there!"

"Minum cam aku lg puas hati!"

"Tak! Minum cam aku lagiiii pueh hati hang! Haaa, ambik hak yg nih!"

Me: "Ewwwww! Grossness!"

And perhaps a couple of drinks too...Damn kitties! They can get away with doing the most disgusting of things too. Way to go for the cuteness factor.