Friday, March 6, 2009


OMG! I've got to go for that god damn debate this evening! It sucks big time. It's sudde3nly gone and made me nervous. I feel like throwing up my contents. Urgh! Dammit, why did I go and sign up for that thing in the first place? Oh, right. Because I missed doing debate and thought it was great that I could get my hands on another certificate. Oh yeah, and it was alos because I suddenly had this insane urge to show off. I don't know what the FUCK that clicked in my brain that made me think I even had the bloody right to show off! God! Why am I such a freak??? I don't why but this idiotic idea strolled into my head and made me think "Hey, I've had about three years of experience in debate and I think this is the bloody time to show off!"...Usually, I'm not exactly the show-off-y kind of person. I tend to just let people notice my good qualities in a natural way. I mean, I do not plan in advance thinking "Right, this is the perfect opportunity to show off." I usually just let it all unravel by itself. I think it was the idea of all these novices at debate that got me thinking "Yeah, I can kick their little butts" only friggin' problem is that I hadn't realize4d they may be novices in the UNIVERSITY but they're definitely NOT novices when they were in school a couple of years ago. Just like me. I have about three years experience, they might have like about what? Five? Six years of experience? Never mind, I'm sure I can bloody well handle them. I mean, they only have about two or three years ahead of me; that can't make too much of a difference can it? Oh what the hell am I thinking! I know bloody well it makes a HUGE difference if you're ahead two or three years! I think I'm going a little nuts here. Blimey. I think I'd better get ready. Ol' Ainatul might already be back here to come and fetch me so we could head off together for the debate seminar thingy. Thank goodness, psychotic Kei will also be in it. I think he will make me feel at ease what with him not taking this seriously. He never takes anything seriously. He probably goes into a debate thinking "Oh, just another debate coming up. Who will I have to sleep with in order to get some chocolate biscuits sent in, eh?" Well, he's just an extremely perverted sort of person when you really think about it. Oh, shit gotta go!