Monday, May 25, 2009

1. How old are you?

2. Are you single?

3.At what age do you think you'll get married?
Ooh, this one's tough...At first, I wanted to get married at 24-25 but now I don't think that'll happen. 27-30 most likely.

4. Do you think you'll be marrying the person you are with now?
No, because I'm not with anybody right now. Lol. XD

5. If not, who do you want to marry?
James Bond! Nah, just kidding! I think I'll marry a man who will love me dearly. Appreciative of me. Caring. Kind. Has a great sense of humor. Someone who will be able to guide me in the ways of Islam. Someone who makes me a better human being. Someone who I'll be able to love in return.

6. Who will be your bridesmaid or your best man?
My sisters of course.

7. Do you want a garden/ beach or traditional wedding?
Preferably the garden wedding.

8. Where do you plan to go for honey moon?

9. How many guests do you think you'll invite?
Oh, not that many...About 200 of friends and families, I think.

10. Will that include your exes?
That depends on how they got to be exes...Lol.

11. How many layers of cake do you want?
3 tiered wedding cake. White and decorated with royal icing and roses.

12. When do you want to get married? Morning or evening?
Morning. Then we (hubby and I) will be able to run off into the sunset. :D

13. Name the song/ tune you want to play at your wedding.

Vision of Love by Mariah Carey and maybe something bubbly and fun after wards like Raindrops are falling on my head

14. Do you prefer fine dining or just normal fork/ spoon/ knife?
Depends on the food you serve. I was thinking of something like caviar, cheese and crackers. Some fettuccine maybe. Kalau nak go ala traditional then it would be nasi minyak and ayam golek, ayam merah and the likes...

15. Champagne or red wine?
Sparkling wine.
16. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding? Right after the wedding I think. It's always a fun fantasy to imagine you and your hubby hopping on a plane to leave for Italy or something...

17. Money or household items?
18. How many kids would you like to have?

And...yes I'm gonna tiru Napster on this one:

19. Will you record your honeymoon on DVD or CD?
Definitely. I'll throw in the wedding ceremony as well. I want to keep it for the memories.

20. I want to know their wedding plan:
Atiqah A
Ima and Yaya

Friday, May 22, 2009

Got my RESULTS!!!

Found out this afternoon.
Was scared sh*tless!! I'd been trying to check for my results ever since last night.
Even during subuh morning prayer I checked the student portal again just to see if it had come out yet.

The minute the whole thing came up my eyes scrolled over the marks...A, A-, A-, A, B, B+, B-....
Phew! So far so good...
Now the CGPA and overall result....
Drum roll please....!~
tatatata TUM!

3.56 for this sem and 3.5 for both sems! Whoopx2! Lady Lily is extremely pleased with herself!
Sure it's not a 4 flat but whatever!~ I aimed for 3.5+ at least and I got it! Kept praying for it to Allah and He gave it to me! Syukur alhamdulillah!

To the rest of my buds, good luck! Wish to see you all again some time. Stay safe.

Peace out!~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Outing with Buds!

Okay that was a whole lotta fun. Sedih sebab the rest of our familiar faces weren't there though. Oh, Elani-chan why did you move to horrible Shah Alam?? Let's take it from the top then, shall we?
Woke this morning at 8.00 am. (I know, early!) Groggily crawled back to my own room (slept with my mom cuz' I practically knocked out on her bed). At 9, threw away the covers to go have breakfast. Hm, today was toast and half-boiled eggs. Yum.

Watched American Idol Finale! It was a cool show. Every year, American Idol always gives off a great party and viewers can't help but be entertained. They had American Idol judge Kara sing Vision of Love and take off her clothes (she wore a bikini underneath), Black Eyed Peas performed their latest single and I thought it was great! Legendary rock band KISS was there too and you could practically see Adam Lambert's throat when he yelled at the top of his lungs along with Gene Simmons and his buddies. I was pretty shocked Kris won coz' I was rooting for Adam but Kris is good. He's cute. He's like a little hamster or something equally adorable...Whereas Adam...Wow, he's flamboyant, outgoing, edgy and gay gay GAY as hell!! America didn't want Adam to win cuz' he's gay obviously...At least, America has some hope left in them...

Moving on, went to Queensbay mall for our outing. It was just me, Tqah, Nishi and Hafiz. Missed my BJ buds...I think it's been a long time since I last saw them.

We bought our tickets first. Tqah and I had discounts cuz' we brought our student cards along with us but Nishi was moaning and whining instead. He'd went and forgot about student cards and had to pay RM 10 for the ticket...When you're a student I say use every single little advantage you've got! RM 4 ain't such a small amount when you really get down to it. You could get like, a sundae at McD's (boycotting it tho :P) or a plate of french fries at Dave's Deli or a notebook or something...Well, you get the picture.

Hafiz overslept and so we had to wait for him. Surprise surprise.

Atiqah and Nishi decided to eat at Dave's Deli (haha, tu la cm ne dpt tau price french fries dia). Atiqah ordered fettucini I think and Nishi had this special combo stuff which consisted of a small portion of spaghetti and an equally small portion of lasagna. I didn't order anything at all cuz' I'd already eaten.

Nishi actually went and mixed EVERYTHING up on his plate! He rolled everything into one big huge pile of food...Everything, the coleslow, spaghetti, lasagna all thrown into a heap...It was the most disastrous thing ever! Nishi had the gall to call it art! Art!! I ask of you!

"You call it gross, I see it as a creativity!" he declared and proceeded to gulp down huge amounts of "it".

Nishi calls it creativity
I call it "CRAZY"
Nishi the Sushi

Even Hafiz thought some of the things Nishi had eaten were just plain weird! Well, me and Atiqah tried a bit of Nishi's creation and thought "Hm, boleh tahan rasa dia..." We did it grudgingly though. Huhuhuhu...

Atiqah thought her fettucini was a bit dissapointing. I had a bit of that too and I had to agree with her. It was alright but nothing "Ooh, jumping outta your seat WOW!!!"

Tiqah at Dave's Deli

We watched Night At The Museum 2 and it was hilarious! Really funny and entertaining. I think I'd prefer it more next to Wolverine. Abang said Wolvy wasn't so good so...Ben Stiller did a good job! Owen Wilson and Steeve Coogan was really cute as the miniature Jedediah and Octavius! They were so adorable and funny! That squirell part tu was just so LOL material!
Night At The Museum 2

Octavius and Jedediah

Anyway, the movie starts off with Ben Stiller being an inventor and having created the Glow in The Dark Flashlight; he's no longer a night guard at a museum. A few minutes into the show, he later on finds out that the wax figures at the Museum of Natural History (where he used to work) are being taken away to another place. He was upset and tried to find ways to stop the museum from crumbling. Unfortunately, nothing worked.

Soon, he gets a call from lil' Jedediah saying they needed help from Kahmunrah, Ahkmenrah's brother who's determined to steal that tablet thingy to rule the world and stuff.

Larry (Stiller) rushes off to save his friends and teams up with Amelia Earhart whom he has a romantic interest in.

Amelia Earhart

The Thinker

They bump into various exhibits as they try to save Jedediah from being drowned in a sand hour glass. Some of the things they bumped into included a giant squid, 'The Thinker', Albert Einstein bobble heads, and even more. In the end, everyone is saved and Larry returns to being a night guard. It was a really good movie. I think all of us enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

I can't wait for another outing...Well, later.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Currently in love with Akanishi Jin and Kazuya Kamenashi from KAT-TUN. Most people who are not J-pop fans will probably not know them. But everywhere I go, I keep bumping into Kame and Jin DVDs at DVD stores. I realised they're really quite popular. Wow, and I thought I had them all to myself. Abang says they look like little faggots. He calls them names like "Bapok!" or "Eeee! GAY!!" Yea, my bro's a homophobe. I'm not exactly a homophobe but I don't believe in same sex marriage at all. It's just part of the religion baby. No hard feelings.


Abang calls them that coz' they're obviously pretty boys. Pretty boys...There's something so ultra appealing about that term. As far as I'm concerned, women have always had a thing for pretty boys. It's like we're most attracted to these faces that have a slight feminine touch to them. My list of boy toys have only had pretty boys on them. There was the occasional Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman (more of a rugged type, eh?) but the rest were all bishonens.

First pretty boy on the list goes to Sagara Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin. He was pretty cute. And lasted quite a while too. 3 years to be exact. I liked him since I was 9...

Sagara Sanosuke

Second on the list, was probably Sanzo from Saiyuki. Saiyuki had loads of hotties though so that's a bit hard to discern. I guess it ranged from Sanzo to Gojyo to Homura....Man, they look like Kame though...
Genjo Sanzo

Homura Taishi

I think the next dude was probably Johnny Depp from Pirates....
Jack Sparrow

JD from Chocolat. *DROOLS*

I'll just list 'em down so it'll be easier...
  1. Garett Hedlund-Four Brothers (Thought he was a major hottie)
  2. Stelios-300 (Had a bit of a thing for him throught the whole 2006)
  3. Christian Bale-Shaft and Dark Knight (My Gawd, this man is sexy! He had such a nice physique too)
  4. Hidan-Naruto (Ooooh, he was sexy! Foul-mouthed and silver haired! Who wouldn't love 'im?)
  5. Sasuke-Naruto (Didn't like him at fisrt. Grew on me later!)
  6. Itachi-Naruto (Sasuke's smexy brother! Uchihacest!)
Christian Bale

So yeah, I like bishonens. It's not about being sexually attracted to women or anything. I don't like girls cuz' well, I'm just as equiped (if not better, if I do say so myself)...Pretty boys on the other hand. Oh, they're just soooo lovely to look at. This post has been only for my own pleasure. I just wanted to write something yg memuaskan hati....Atiqah wrote about a hottie Frenchy once so I wanna do the same.

I've been TAGGED

1. copy paste award on your blog once u get it

2. make an entry as if it is a Grammy award

3. tag 5 other bloggers

4. NEVER break the chain, pls.

Thank you! Thank you! You were brilliant! No wait, I was! Okay, I'll admit I was superb!
My first thank you goes to those idiots who says English is a language that no one should learn how to speak. Yes, to those who actually go "Wah! Dia speaking! Speaking!" get my first thank you! What would TESLians ever do without fools like you? (Get on very nicely) Thank you to the little people that made this blog possible. Thank you to the midgets who were so kind to me; you midgets made me feel oh, sooooo good telling me I needed to go to a fish spa and what not!

Thank you Johnny Entertainment for producing gorgeous J-Pop group KAT-TUN. I know abang says they look like bapoks (lotsa Malay guys will be nodding) but what the heck! They're so cute! Kyaaaa!~(Malay men: Blugh! *Throw up*)

Thank you to the insignificant troop of anonymus people at Kolej Mawar. You made the Mawarians' life a living hell and we'll never forget it! Big round of applause for following "arahan-arahan bodoh".

To Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears who don't understand the function of undergarments. Thank you! You made women look like total idiotic bimbos! Thanks for doing us justice!

To Chris Brown for beating the crap outta Rihanna. She didn't deserve it, man but it must've felt goooood to gigit Rihanna, eh?

Lastly to you! Yes, you! The one reading this blog! I know what you're doing! I can see it! Stop that! Use a tissue for God's sake! Boogers on the computer screen is not a turn on, ok!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

25th Anniversary...

Today we celebrated Mama and Papa's 25th wedding anniversary! We went out to have dinner at Secret Recipe. It was really nice. It was the first time for Ima and Yaya to eat at Secret Recipe. I mean, they've had the cakes and stuff from SR but they've never had a real meal there. Ima ordered the Chicken Cordon Bleu and Yaya had the prawn maccaroni and cheese. I had this kebab thing which unfortunately paled in comparison to everyone else's dishes. But I had the best drink ever which was the oreo milkshake. Really frickin' fatteing but who cares! I mean, after this we won't ever be able to go out to nice places again. Well, not for at least another 4 months. My dad has decided to go on a pilgrimage for 4 months. He is very religious in that sense but even so you don't see me or my or my sisters for that matter wearing stuff like the purdah...We're given at least that much freedom.

Secret Recipe with lil' sisters. Aren't Kawaii!!!??

When we got home, all of us had the cake I baked yesterday. It looks all pretty now cuz' Mama went and decorated it with the purple deco n chocolate flakes. We also had the sparkling wine. It's non alcoholic but Yaya, Mama and me pretended like we were drinking champagne or something. Mama had taken out all of her lovely delicate little wine glasses and it all looked so lovely.

Mama and me pretending we're divas
drinking champagne. Lol

Tommorrow is the day I go back to Shah Alam. I'll be going back with Papa so it won't be so boring. Have been stuffing myself with nothing but phonetics for the past coupla' days so I hope that's enough for the exam. Sigh.

Mama bought a present for herself and Papa. She said that people usually gave each other a clock when it's a 'silver anniversary'. 'Silver anniversary' means its been 25 years of marriage. Insyallah, they will live many more years happily together. I pray I'll be as blessed as they are...
True to her word, she bought herself a lovely clock. It's so very English.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

KAT-TUN: Rescue

[KAT-TUN] "RESCUE" lyrics
"RESCUE" is song # 1 on KAT-TUN's 10th single (March 2009)
It is the theme song for the drama "RESCUE" starring KAT-TUN's Nakamaru Yuichi (early 2009)Align Center


Y’all ready?
Listen up!
I’m not scared
Until my heartbeat's gone
I’ll rescue you

I don’t wanna cry alone

We'll survive

I don’t wanna cry alone

I don’t wanna cry alone
Help me out Search my light
Please take me back home
I don’t wanna cry alone
Into blaze Lost in maze
Someone call my name

I don’t wanna cry alone

Dareka no tame ni nante ikirenai to omotta
Konna itoshikute taisetsu na mono wo
Hajimete mitsuketa

I don’t wanna cry alone
Help me out Search my light
Please take me back home
I don’t wanna cry alone
Into blaze Lost in maze
Someone call my name

I don’t wanna cry alone
I don’t wanna cry alone

Donna wazuka demo kimi no koe kikoeru
Fuan de kiesou ni yami ga semattemo
Koko ni iru kara

I don’t wanna cry alone
Help me out Search my light
Please take me back home
I don’t wanna cry alone
Into blaze Lost in maze
Someone call my name

I don’t wanna cry alone

U wanna help me? Naraba Call my name
Ikiru imi kakete Ha! Ha! Ha! Big up!
Rescue U Kimi wa mou jiyuu dakara tsutaeru U don't cry alone (too)
Tsurai daro? (Iu) High & Low (You)
Walk my road (Chuu) Go & Go
Nanika attaraba Runnin' Up 4 U
Kimi ga iru dake de High ni naru to iu

Runnin' up, I’m (ah) running
Runnin' up, I’m (ah) running
Runnin' up, I’m (ah) running
Runnin' up, I’m (ah) running

Runnin' up, I’m (ah) running
Runnin' up, I’m (ah) running
Runnin' up, I’m (ah) running
Runnin' up, I’m (ah) running

Call my name

(Ladies & gentlemen, it's my beatbox)

Mamoritai kono egao wo

I don’t wanna cry alone
Help me out Search my light
Please take me back home
I don’t wanna cry alone
Into blaze Lost in maze
Someone call my name

I don’t wanna cry alone
Help me out Search my light
Please take me back home
I don’t wanna cry alone
Into blaze Lost in maze
Someone call my name

I don’t wanna cry alone
I don’t wanna cry alone
I don’t wanna cry alone

I don’t wanna cry alone