Saturday, September 11, 2010


Our Family.

So ok, it's Raya and everyone is busy strutting their stuff. You know whenever anybody goes out of the house it's always in their new Raya clothes, right? So everybody tends to look their best when they walk about. You see all these bright lovely colors flashing down the streets and you immediately know, "Ha! They've come to 'berraya at somebody's house".

Our first day of Raya was really sweet. We just visited my Mak Su's house and had a blast there. Nah, there weren't any fireworks and not even any pop pops but we did have a nice time chit chatting and going mad-crazy with all the photography sessions. Plus, my dad has just recently got himself a new vid-cam and camera so you just know what he's gonna do with it...*rolls eyes*. And there's my mom who is a REAL c@mwhore...*rolls eyes again*

Our family with Mak Su, Athirah, Hannah and Ziyad and Tok Mummy!

Me, Yaya and Ima were all in our kain sari baju kurungs and let me tell you, boy, we were dressed to kill. My whole baju was like glittering as it is covered with gold sequins. Hey, it can't be helped since it is made in India and what's Indian if it doesn't have a LARGE amount of gold.

Yeah, so we had a whole lot of fun with my grandma and Mak Su and her great family. Athirah had worn these KILLER heels. They looked like they belonged in a rock concert...or a New Haven titty bar...Veeeeery sexy. They were from Vincci and I'm thinking of getting some of those too...Some day...*runs off to check on her duit raya*

The KILLER heels...

Well, anyway, that's about ti for now! I'm just really grateful that we get to spend another happy Raya day with all our friends and family! It's really a blessing from Allah. I need to get ready now so I can visit my uncles' graves. They died some time between 2001 and 2002...I miss them...GTG.