Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We went to pesta, my cousins and my sisters! OMG! I went on 4 rides altogether! It was the freakiest thing on earth! My god, what was I thinking??? My first ride was the Lethal Weapon and that was super scary! I screamed and screamed non-stop! I went like "Allahuakbar! Oh god! Oh Allah, save me! I don't wanna die!!!" Yep, Lethal Weapon is a sick thing to go on. It's a row of seats and all it does is spin you vertically 360 degrees. Even my 9 yr old cousin, Ziyad, went on it. And then me and Athirah hopped on the Sky Rider. A bunch of swings that go spinning around. And then it was the Euro Wheel which is just a ferris wheel. That was quite fun. The next thing and the thing which made me go in ultra throw up mode was the Tristar. I really felt like throwing up on that one. Super scary.

Today is the day they go back home! Hu hu hu...! I'm so sad...I sedih sgt now that they're gonna go away!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Paramore Decode

How can i decide whats right?
When your clouding up my mind,
I cant win your losing fight,
All the time.

How can i ever own whats mine?
When your always taking sides,
But you wont take away my pride,
No not this time...
Not this time.

How did we get here?
I used to know you so well,
How did we get here?
I think i know how.

The truth is hiding in your eyes,
And it's hanging on your tongue,
Just boiling in my blood,
But you think that i cant see.
What kind of man that you are?
If your man at all,
I will figure this one out.
On my own...
(Screaming i love you so)
On my own...
(My thoughts you cant decode)

How did we get here?
I used to know you so well,
How did we get here?
I think i know how.

Do you see,
What weve done,
Were gonna make such fools,
Of ourselves...
Do you see,
What weve done,
Were gonna make such fools,
Of ourselves...

How did we get here
I used to know you so well
Yeah Yeah Yeah
How did we get here?
I use to know you so well
I think i know...
I think i know...

There is something,
I see in you,
It might kill me,
I want it to be true.

Decode by Paramore
Soundtrack for Twilight
Lyrics by Haley Williams

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Latest Outing

Okay, since I've promised to update my blog I will. Here's a tribute to Corriyn and Atiqah and our lovely outing. Meh! What a fine day that was. Okay so basically I was a bit psyched. I mean, I haven't seen my buds for a while now and I've missed them. I'll be honest I was also a little scared I wasn't gonna wake up early that morning. I've been sleeping late lately and have been prone to getting up real late as well. My breakfast has now become my lunch or 'brunch' as my bro puts it. XD

So I slept at 1 am that night (that's considered EARLY to me). Woke up at 8 am the next morning and guess what? I woke up all by myself, no thanx to that useless alarm clock which also happens to be my hand phone. Kukukukuku...So I wake up in the morning to find that my menses have been in overdrive and are determined to torture me. It's forced all the pain receptors in my body to focus on one spot which is right on my womb!!! I swear to god I could actually feel these hands that squeeze and pull at my fallopian tubes and ovaries...Okay let's not get graphic here.

So I go take a bath downstairs right? Just for the heck of borrowing some of my mom's pads. Then I get dress, put on my make-up and iron my tudung. I had to have my breakfast in order to eat my medicine. Have been coughing real bad...I also swallowed a voltren pain killer to decrease the ultimate pain. And then I waited....And waited some more....

And then they arrive; Atiqah and Corriyn grinning up at me. Atiqah's dad was the one who drove us over to Queensbay.

Once we got there the first thing we did was check out the movies. Scanning everything on the list, we pretty much had to do some debating there. Corriyn and I have watched Twilight (good movie BTW but not as good as Interview With The Vampire). Atiqah and Corriyn were eager to watch Madagascar II but I've already seen that one. In the end, we settled for Bolt, a movie about a cute dog who thinks he has super powers only to discover that he's just a normal dog.

The movie was really good. I dunno if anyone noticed, I surely hope not, but I actually cried cried cried at the start of the movie. The minute Bolt came on and started playing with his fave chew toy, Mr carrot, I cried. Tears came forth and I wept for no reason. Well, unless you call crying over cuteness a reason. I think I was PMS-ing real bad that day...So yeah, I liked the movie. I enjoyed watching it with my friends.

Later after the movie, we drifted into various shops. Some of them included Puma, Nike, Jusco, Momo e, Borders and etc etc etc. Atiqah bought a lot of things, some of which included a hand bag frm Momo e, black slack frm Voir, notebook and belt frm Forever 21...I think I covered just about everything...Corriyn got herself 3 tees for rm50. A goddamned good price if you ask me. I think if ever I have the money again I might go get that at Brand's Outlet. The stuff there are pretty affordable.

We ate at Secret Recipe this time. So tired of McDonald's and Pizza Hut...Sigh. Anyway, I had myself the Fish and Chips (not so great) and Corriyn got herself the Chicken Cordon Bleu. Atiqah, decided that she didn't wanna eat, settled for a glass of tropical smoothie.

So we go around some more after the movie and I bought myself a lip gloss at Guardian. It was on discount and I kinda needed some change to pay back Corriyn. The three of us browsed the mall and Corriyn and Atiqah wanted to take pictures and I needed to go to the toilet badly! My pad bocor already time tuh and I was freaking out! I took the oppurtunity to use the pay phone (hand phone outta service, damn dat Maxis) to call my cuz. They were still hanging around QB so I decided to go back with my family instead. Don't wanna trouble Atiqah's parents and I DO NOT want to spoil their seat with my ahem leakage...

So they went back home and I hanged around to spend the day with my cuzs and sistahs. They were trying on clothes at Jusco and my eyes went straight to the sneakers on display. They were RM20!!!! I asked for my size and the sales person said that the ones I wanted weren't in my size any more. What a shame! And then there was this taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall pair of sneaker-boots that reached up to my knees. It was black with red prints on it and it looked ever so cool! I couldn't resist....And. Then. I. Asked. They had my size and I bought it withought thinking twice! It felt oh sooooooo good!

I found out that cute actor Cam Gigandet is actually a Gap model! Oh man, he was a hottie in Twilight and he was a hottie in that poster on Gap too. My sister and I also stole this super hot pic of a male model posing for the Amor Pour Hommes perfume. We've fallen in love with him and have decided to keep him in our humble abode. I actually stole something!! OMG!!!!

Even though my feet were aching, I walked on with my sisters and cousins. We were in search for wallets for both Ziyad and Athirah.
Then we stopped by Baskin Robbins and all of them had ice creams there except for me! I, the horrible woman with the horrible cough, had to go through tortutorus minutes of watching them gobble their delicious ice creams. It was sooooo unfair!

Long story short, we all got tired and headed home. At home, my Uncle Manan dropped by and all of us watched baby Farhad wear my sneaker-boots! It was hilarious! My boots were more like his pants!

You think that's enough shopping for a girl of 18, eh? Guess not. I'm probably heading to Gurney Plaza tommorrow. Will have fun there!

Peace out!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Driving, Bleach and Cousinz

Ohiyo! I'm still spending time with my family only now it has increased in size, literally. My cousins from a far away land (okay, they actually dropped by frm KL) have dropped by our home to spend the vacation. Let me tell you, it's been fun having them here as well as exhausting. Huh huh huh...Panting away. Ziyad who is 9, Hannah who is 6 and Athirah who is 15 have come to our humble abode in order to spend the holidays with us. So far we haven't done anything really fun yet. Well, we did go over to BJ and went bowling for a while. It was quite fun and Ima actually managed to get a strike! My sisters are pretty good bowlers in that sense. They're always scoring strikes every other time we go bowling, which let me tell you, is not very often.

I don't know what I'm gonna do about my driving though...It hasn't driven (haha the irony of that word) me to insanity yet but I can't really remember all the routes...I mean, which one goes through Pesta and gets into Taman Lip Sin? Was it Route A or B? Sigh! I'm just so confused right now. Hopefully the next time I go for one of those darn lessons I'll be able to remember the routes. Dammit! This whole driving thing is so scary!!! Wish I was more like Naruto...I'd just yell out an energetic "Dattebayo!" and unleash the power of the legendary Nine-Tailed Fox! And then you horrible JPJ people and your horrid clipboards and your unruly mustaches will bow down to such immense power and bite the dust as I vroooooom off with my pro-driving skills. But reality doesn't make you a Naruto with a demon fox sealed in you. It doesn't turn you into a pro at driving within the blink of an eye either. Life as we know it, is just isn't fair.

Anyway, have recently gotten into the manga Bleach. I quite like it. Basically it's coz' there're a lot of hot guys in the manga (namely Abarai Renji....Major hottie). But hot guys aside, Bleach is pretty engaging plot-wise and character-wise. Some of the charcters are interesting to watch and it also has some very funny moments. I happen to despise a lesbian in it though as she is about the most sick thing to ever walk the Bleach universe. But Renji, Toshiro and Byakuya are all eye candies that you just enjoy watching.

This was actually supposed to be posted here on 23rd of November but I forgot about it. Sorry...

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm baaaaack!

Kyaaa! Finally got back from that horrid place known as Shah Alam (writes the name with utter loath). I'm in my beloved home now: PENANG!!!!! Ah!~~~~ The sea...The bridge...The warm sea breeze...And my wonderful family! Miss 'em so much! Have been unable to think and worry so much about stuff ever since I got back. Home kinda gets you like that. You sorta forget everything bad that ever happened to you when you were in Shah Alam. The place sucked...

Hahaha! But now that I'm home, I've got a lot in my hands as well. Have to send beloved laptop back to that Harvey Norman place so it can get repaired. Sigh! Y'know I like the stuff but why do technology gadgets have to be so fragile? It's like the more advanced we get, the gadgets just get more and more fragile. The people at Harvey Norman did say that the laptop will be sent back to TOSHIBA's outlet. The dude at HN said it might take a month to get it back. I don't think that the actual repairing takes that long (it's just a little hiccup) but knowing Malaysians; we like to berlengah so...So good bye laptop. I'll be sending you off tomorrow. Ta ta!~ (Which reminds me, gotta get all those 18+ fanfics outta there quickly) *rubs back of the head shyly*. Hehehehe....

The other stuff I've gotta worry about is my driving license...(Oh the HORROR!!!) I'm afraid of that more than anything else at the moment...It's scary coz' I've never been really good at driving. Okay, I'll admit I'm freakin' hopeless at it! I SUCKED at driving! Driving is just...not my thing. I mean, I know what my strengths are. I'm good at drawing manga, painting, writing, English, acting, etc, etc. But driving???? All that pedlling, the changing of gears and my utter hopelessness? Nah! That is one area where I don't think I'll ever be good at. But still...(inspiring music theme comes on). I shall rise to this challenge head on with my head held up high and I will TRIUMPH!!!! Kyaaaaaaaah (yea, I've been doin' that a lot lately)! I'll get into that car and drive like a pro. Mama and Papa pun dah mula skeptical cuz' of how terribly I did the last time and I can't let them down again. Not that it'll be dissapointing for them or anything, it's just that I'd better do it for my future. I need a car of my own when I'm older. I' am so not gonna be one of those helpeless females who need their husbands to take them everywhere just on account of them not being able to drive! I mean, how pathetic can you get? But then again most Malay men like pathetic, stupid females. Somehow it strokes their egos...(Yea, I know it's sick right?) But the dumber and more gedik you are, the more boys will come hankering after you...You've got to be a pathetic hopeless female that can't think or have a mind of her own. Major weak persona needed here.

And anyway, I need to do it properly this time cuz' of the money my parents are spending on it. This driving license thingy is no joke! It's scarier than hell and twice as expensive (whoar! Hell's expensive???)!! Almost everything about Malaysia is expensive. Money is quite an issue here. But thank god for the oil price going down huh? Sejuk hati skit bile nampak harga minyak turun...

So now that I'm already back home, I pun terfikir gak la kat kengkawan. Kinda miss my buds even though baru je start bercuti pun. Roomies out there, miss you guys a whole lot! Rindu la kat you Atiqah! Suddenly feel a bursting need to come over and talk to you for long hours into the night like we used to...Dayang and your bubbly expressions and nature...Miss ya gal. Athirah plak good luck for your exams (which reminds me I should msg her later...It's highly likely that she'll miss this since she's not a blogger *sweat drops*). Wish we could be in the same room again next year. Hopefully we will. Nanti sume msg2 la time tu.

Rindu gak kat si Kecik Po tu...Po-Po-chan!!! I miss you! Nad and Cuna pun aku rindu gak...Hope you guys have a nice holiday!

If you're reading this Tiqah, don't be so sad. When you get back lets go out and paaaaaartyyyy! We'll hit the clubs, smoke pot, take our clothes off...Oh wait!? We can't do that, right? We're not like some people...Hahahaha. Anyway, we'll hang out sometime and do it the old fashion style, eh? Have some fun while you're there...

Catch ya'll later.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The New Life

Okay, it has been a whirlwind here in Shah Alam. The place is nothing compared to Penang. I would never ever want to live here even if someone paid me to do it! Suffice it to say, Shah Alam sucks. Well, at least for me it does. I really really really wish I could go back to Penang right now! I wouldn't say I'm homesick but I do miss Penang! I WILL give any single miniscule little excuse to go back to Penang. The beaches, the beautiful blue sea, the nasi kandar, the chicken tandoori...every time I'm reminded of those things I feel my heart sink low into the pit of stomach. Yes, I don't cry every night whimpering "Nak balik hu hu..." but you can't help but miss youir home. Home is where the heart is and it really is the truth because honestly, you can never feel more secure and belonged in any other place in the world except your own home. And of course, I'm up to here *pinches fingers very closely* just missing my beloved family! Serious, rindu giler kot! My mama who is my bestest best friend! Wherefore art thou????

I didn't write in my blog for like a million gazillion years already so I missed out on stuff like how life was like the first few weeks. Basically, this is what I do on week days. I get up at 6 am or sometimes 5.30 if I feel fresh, bathe, dress up and wait at the bus stop in front of our dorm at 7 am. I'll take the 603 Rapid KL bus and wait for it to send me to Section 2 of Shah alam. Now, at this point, I am just going to say "Whatever you do just DON'T ask me where section 2 of Shah Alam is! Or what it is for that matter!". I just don't know the answer to that myself! Shah Alam, if you must know, is filled to the brim with the dumbest road systems EV-ERR!! It is a city full of sections...Section 17, Section 15, Section 3, Section, 4, all the way to infinity...It's not only confusing as hell but it is also the most insane thing I have ever encountered in all my 18 years of life! But the confusing road system in Shah Alam gets even better than that! Oh, yeah...! Shah Alam, I'll have you know, is also chock full of round-abouts! Round-abouts, I tell you! Round-abouts! Why for the life of me, would any sane human being put about a hundred round-abouts in a city????? What the hell do they think Shah Alam is? London? Sigh. But I guess human beings nowadays just don't want to use the brains that Allah The Almighty has given them. Poor, sad, pathetic losers...

Anyway, let me continue, after I'm at Section 2 I get to wait for another Rapid KL bus. This time it's bus number 529. This bus takes you to my faculty-The Faculty of Education! Lemme tell you something about my faculty; it rocks! Sure, it's a bit of a hastle getting there but I can honestly say it's a place I've grown quite fond of. The place has several blocks all looking like your average school blocks. In between blocks, you have the TESL square. The TESL square is a place my classmates and I (and probably the rest of the TESL kids) lepak at. It's this really cool spot where you get to sit in one of those pretty little wicker-steel chairs under a big umberella. There are these really beautiful tress there.The vines and branches tend to droop down and it will ineveitably remind you of a weeping willow but it's not a willow. When the wind blows, you want to sigh at its beauty and melancholy. Okay, now I sound like an emo. Hehe.

Quite honestly, I didn't really like my classmates all that much at first. I thought they were all wrong. I couldn't understand how a bunch of people doing TESL didn't know how to speak the English language itself??? It kinda vexed me at first. It still does I guess. I've had this whole dream and idea that once I got into TESL I'd be meeting people who were like me and Atiqah. You know, sensitive, brilliant (NOT being vain here), objective, insightful and ambitious English speakers who would've loved nothing more but to speak our second language most of the time. Guess what? I couldn't have been more wrong. My classmates, save for this one psycho, don't really like to speak the English language all that much. I didn't know the psycho was a psycho, at first, and I actually thought he was like me. Another dead wrong thing to assume. The psycho suddenly just uped and showed his true colours...Scared the living bejeebers outta me!

So, okay, I didn't think much of my classmates back then. I started changing my perception when I started to grow closer to this little mynx of a girl called Po. Yeah, Po's real cool. She's real short too. A tiny chubby little thing. I'm not trying to be mean here, just honest. Anyway, through Po, I got to be close to Nad and Cuna. Now, we're pretty close.

I guess it goes to show that you can't simply just make assumptions of the people around you. Sure, Nad and Cuna don't particularly enjoy speaking English but they're nice poeple and I guess I don't have to be fussy about it and pick and choose whoever I think is fit to be in TESL. I'm rather glad I didn't quickly rush into things. I had some thoughts of asking a lecturer if I could change classes. Maybe get into class C since I'd already found a friend or two in there. But I didn't and now I'm pretty content in staying in my class. There's still a couple of people who are annoying as EVER but I can live with them (think back to aforementioned psycho and multiply him by three. But it's real easy for me to ignore these clowns).
Classes have been alright. The only class I'm really enjoying lately is Listening and Speaking. We've got a really awesome lecturer. I think she's funny and witty. Apparently, a younger lecturer has taken her place and I think this one's real good too. Her name's Voviana and she's Malay. Weird name for a Malay but I think it sounds nice.
Throught it all, I'm just ever so grateful I've got my best friend, Atiqah, here with me. Sometimes, both of us need to unload stuff that's been bugging us. And lately, we've needed to unload a whole lotta stuff. Class psychos, nerds and hot stuffs sometimes just get up to our armpits and we are suddenly left with this awful rise in our stomachs and we can't help but vomit out whatever it is that we have to throw up. I think this is probably because Atiqah and I are passionate creatures. We like to search for our emotions. That doesn't make us emo though. I think it's important to know exactly what it is that you are feeling. It can help you a lot with understanding yourself. I hate to see it when someone is upset or frustrated and they can't understand what it is that got them to be that way. They have the inability to search for their feelings. You've got to be completely and utterly honest with yourself when you are digging deep into your soul and trying to search for the very core of your being. When you're honest with yourself, then you can be honest to other people. For the past few years, I've enjoyed being honest with myself. I am never unsure of what I'm feeling and it is such a comfort to be able to do that. It gives you peace. I wish everyone else was like this. It's so much nicer when you are able to express yourself freely and without fear. The rest of the world is probably saying "Dream on..." right now but I think a girl can always dream, right?
There are other things a girl can dream about too besides wishing for a more emotionally sensitive world. I also have dreams (that are impossible, I think) about this hottie at my faculty. This boy is really cute. He isn't too tall (just a couple of inches taller than I am) and he's quite skinny but he's just oh, so gorgeous. I'm valuptuos and I'm not all that skinny myself but I'm rather attracted to these gangly looking guys. He's already got himself a girlfriend though, and it irks me to think that I'll never have a chance with him but you never know...All's fair in love and war. It's just that the feelings I have for this boy are not all that serious. I can tell it's just a crush. And even though, I've had dreams about said boy (they're not the kind of dreams you're thinking!) I don't think my feelings for him go deeper beyond a simple crush. It's just that I'm not the kind of girl to fall for a person's looks alone. His personality is a big huge factor that overshadows looks. I wished I knew a guy who wasn't such a total moron. It's getting annoying when every single guy you come in close proximity is either from Mars or from a prehistoric swamp. Sigh. It cannot be helped though. The world isn't made to be fair.
I'll post another blog if I'm not in too much work. It's such a busy life...But I'm enjoying it as much as I'm haiting it...ZzzzzZZZzzz...Ngantuk!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bood and Chocolate, Binging and Boredom...

Alright, I'm only writing this just for the fun of it and also possibly coz' I happen to be dead BORED at the moment...Sigh.

It's the weekend, so naturally people have fun times during the weekend, right? I didn't. Not really, at least. There were parts of the weekend that I did enjoyed but this isn't how a weekend goes on in my household usually...A typical weekend that we have is spent outside, somewhere at malls; where it's fun and lively. This week, I feel like a piece of dry toast just sitting there on the table, watching the flies hover around me and trying my hardest not to shudder in disgust when one of them lands on my dry toasty body... So, honestly, I'm just feeling a bit under the weather.

To top it off, I have been putting on weight! Oh, yeah, sure, Atiqah (if you read this), you must understand that when I complain about my weight, that is when I'm trying hardest to lose them! Right at this moment, however, I don't feel like losing weight at all! If anything, it only makes me feel like I want to stuff in a whole lot more insignificant baddies!

So yeah, basically, all we've done this week is mooch around the house and binge on utterly fattening food! I have recently discovered, I have developed a fetish for peanut butter and chocolate--a fetish resulting in my buying Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate cups every single time we head out to Giant or Queensbay...

Last night, Mama found out that Blood and Chocolate was going to be on Astro. We decided to watch the stupid movie, even though I knew it was going to be crappy...It's the over-used Romeo-Juliette, predictable, Goth-esq kind of movie that makes you have the urge to want to throw up in your mouth...It isn't so bad, I guess, if you have nothing better to do and are juist trying to bid away time...

But before the movie started, Mama and the little ones went rushing out to buy the tons of tid bits for the movie. Yaya got herself a Cadbury Caramello, a Cadbury Crunchy for me, and Ima got herself all th other junk food like potato chips, etc. Oh, and little one also got me a Cornetto Royale...Now, tell me that isn't binge eating??? Ugh, I was practically shoving food down my throat even though I was stuffed to gills! That's it! I'm so going to start dieting, exercising and puasa.

The four of us (abang and Papa pi kluar 'joouhl' ), sat in Mama's room on her big queen-size bed, all huddled up together to sit and watch Blood and Chocolate. The only thing good about the movie was Oliver Martinez who happened to look extremely hott in the movie!

And today, I went to do my L license...It was...interesting... I just couldn't really get what the Chinese instructor was saying. It was so frustrating!

There was nothing to do except to surf the net and read mangas.

I read this new one...And it's called 'Dogs'. It's really good! It is a manga targeted mostly for 18-30 year old men as it is categorized as 'seinen'. Usually, I read 'shonen' or 'shojo' but this was a refreshing new change! The story is set in the future-sort of like an Alternate Universe. There happens to be a cute guy in it that I like. Hee hee.

The story is mostly about mafias, gangsters, prostitutes; basically really mature stuff. And the gun fights are of the hooks! There're also some sword fights as well...The manga reminds me of Kill Bill, somehow.

So there you have it; the stuff I did to amuse myself...So boring! Tak sabarlah nak kluar dgn ya'll again, Atiqah, Ayu! Huhuhuhu! I miss ya'll!

The dude I like.

Badō Nails
A chain smoking freelance journalist and photographer turned gun for hire who has often gotten into humorous, but dangerous situations through work and his addiction to nicotine. He resents being referred to as "eye-patch," but is visually striking with long red hair and an eye-patch over his right eye. He has a scar where his eye should be, and a single long scar on both sides of his hands indicating a violent and possibly traumatic past. Recent chapters have revealed that Badō had an older brother whom he claims has died, but appeared to be the reason why Badō began smoking at a young age. Often seen as a foolish and cartoon-like character because he can flip between extreme elation to murderous violence in relation to the availability of cigarettes. However, his comical mood swings gloss over the otherwise serious nature of the character. He wields a pair of Mac 10 machine guns.
He's the read head.

Blood & Chocolate

Blood & Chocolate is a film released on January 26, 2007, produced by Lakeshore Entertainment and distributed by MGM. It is an in-name only adaptation of the young adult novel Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause, which was adapted into a screenplay by Ehren Kruger. It was directed by Katja von Garnier. The movie was made available on DVD on June 12, 2007.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Outing.

We went out! We went out yesterday! Kyaaaah! I'm so glad we went out. Some might be a bit on the blur side and wonder why it's such a big deal to me when I go out with my buds but it's just only cause I don't go out with my buds all that much. Yes, another reason why some people will think I'm a complete freak but hey, I love my family and I like hanging out with them. My mom happens to be one of my very bestest best friends. She totally rocks and the fact that she's really good at bringing me up and everything makes her (in my opinion) the best mom out there! Here's something wicked about her; she actually can tell the difference between P.Diddy and Jay-Z (she listens to T-Pain and Flo Rida's hot new single "Low"). Tell me now she isn't one of the coolest moms out there? (Me: Ha! In your face, suckers!)

Anyway, the day started off with...:

I woke up at probably about 9:28...All groggy and grumpy, wondering to myself "Why on Earth did I agree to going out at 11:30 in the first place?????"

I drag myself up and trudge along into the shower. Bath...(You don't need to know what I do in the shower, merci be coup).

Since my sisters slept with me in my room, they're scattered on the floor of my bedroom and that makes it a gazillion times harder for me to get to my cupboard and drawers...After successfully dodging my way from squashing my petite baby sisters, I safely managed to grab a pair of my dark, stretchable (thank GOD it is) jeans, my long sleeved pink t-shirt, my rather 'kewl' denim jacket, my make-up bag, my new gold back strap handbag and my perfume.

Once, I've got all the stuff I need, I'm ready to take on the show. It took me about almost an hour to prepare myself for the big day. Amidst putting on my eye shadow, I also had to; rush and charge my hand phone, iron my t-shirt (really wrinkly) and my hi jab, and put on my pink sneakers. And let's not forget the must-put-on spritz of perfume. Ha ha.

But lo and behold, I finished on time! I checked the clock and was very pleased to find the needles specifically pointing at 11:00! So instead of rushing so much any more, I felt prompted to sit in front of the T.V, pop in 300 in the DVD player and watch my smexy Stelios wave his sword like an almighty spear of death and chop up the Persians....HOTT!

Minutes later, I look at the clock again and it's already 11:20...So thinking that Atiqah would arrive any minute now, I switch off the DVD player and the T.V and start tying my shoe laces and stuff. And then...I waited...And I waited...And then I waited again...And again...And again...

It was only until it was 12:10 did I see Atiqah and her parents driving and parking right in front of my house. Thrilled to see my buds, I think I momentarily forgot about waiting. I knew that it was nice enough of Atiqah's parents to come and pick me up anyway and they're ALWAYS punctual. In any case, there is no wonder as to why they were late-they had to go and pick Mimi and Elani up and later after I was picked up it was Nishi "The Sushi"'s turn.

We drove to Queensbay and guess where we headed off first? Ta-da! Where else but the fabulous Border's Bookstore? So Atiqah and I start rounding around the shelves, completely fascinated with all the books there while Mimi...err...gee, I dunno what she did. I guess, she just went off and looked for other stuff too...Elani, on the other hand, didn't look too thrilled to be dragged into a VERY cold bookstore while she's having a cold and a cough. I think, she probably went off sniffing and blinking tiredly into a corner some where. Poor dear. I do adore her!

I wandered around and found myself gazing longingly at the shelves of romance novels. I was quite tempted to buy this one book. If remembered correctly, I think it was called 'A Greek God At a Female's Club' or something or other...Ha ha. Mimi came sidling up to me and started telling me that her mom loves romance novels too.

Me: I like reading romance novels...
Mimi: Ye? My mom pun suka jugak. Hari tu, my dad beli kat dia dlm used books punya store, it was so cheap!
Me: Yeah? Kat mana tu?
Mimi: Adalah, nanti I bagi tau you, ok?
Me: *Nods enthusiastically*

Later, I met up with an old school friend of mine; Afiq Zamir. He's really nice! So I chit chatted with him for a while and he ends up joining our group. It is rather sad though, that Ayu-chan couldn't make it...I miss all the Maverick's, BTW. Sigh...That's life, eh?

The whole bunch of us ridiculous kids-going-to-be-adults went to the top floors to go grab a movie. We had some serious debating going on when all of us couldn't decide which movie to go and watch.

Mimi: Citer hantu tu nampak best gak.
Nishi: I love Japanese ghost stories! (which also translates to: I love Japanese!)
Atiqah: Forbidden Kingdom tu tak best sgt kot? Iron Man lah better!
Me: Iron Man!
Elani: '....'
Afiq: Citer Love tu ok ke?
Me: Iron Man!
Everyone: Iron Man! you get the picture. We bought our tickets and discussed what to do during our free time. The movie didn't start until 2:20 and it was only 1:20 then...

This time, we didn't go to McD's or Pizza Hut! La la!~~~~Thank you, Allah! Instead, we went to Secret Recipes. I had this Caribbean fillet with veggie cream sauce and Atiqah had the Pasta with shrimp and cream sauce, while Elani went for the Kid's Fish and Chips. Nishi, on the other hand, declares that he has never tried lasagna and therefore proceeds to order it. Mimi and Afiq headed off to the Laksa Shack.

After eating, we rushed back up stairs to catch the film. Guess what? We missed 10 minutes of it coz' Mimi and Afiq were running late. Haha. I can't blame them. Laksa is quite the delicacy.

Long story short, we're hustled into a big dark black room and we watch the movie...And It was just FAB! Robert Downey Jr. has really cleaned up his act from all the drug problems he had! He's as hot as ever and I think he managed to charm Elani, Atiqah and Mimi! Now that's an accomplishment! It's not easy pleasing Atiqah, Mimi and Elani, you know! They have VERY HIGH standards. Lol. Kidding! (Not!)

And this was the synopsis of the movie:

I actually curi this frm imdb.
I own nothing of it and I'm not profiting frm this at all.
Standard disclaimers apply here!

The movie begins with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) visiting soldiers on duty in the Middle East. He is joking with some members of a convoy who seem to be genuinely amused by his persona. Suddenly, the convoy is attacked. The soldiers fight to defend themselves but are quickly killed. Stark flees when a bomb (bearing the logo of his company, "Stark Industries") explodes, severely wounding Tony's chest. Tony is captured and recorded by a group of terrorists.

A flashback sequence reveals Tony's history as a child prodigy before taking over his father's technology company at age 21. Colonel James Rhodes (Terrence Howard) attends a ceremony to present Tony Stark with an award for his work, but Stark is not in attendance. Tony's right-hand man (and his father's former partner) Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) accepts the award in Tony's honor. Rhody later finds Tony partying in a casino. On his way out, a reporter named Christine (Leslie Bibb) approaches Stark with some questions regarding the ethics of his weapons business. Stark deflects her questions with some swift quips and the two end up spending the night together. (Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!)

Next morning, Christine is awakened by a voice on a computer monitor. It's JARVIS, the artificial intelligence program responsible for running Tony's house. Christine is greeted by Tony's assistant, "Pepper" Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) as she leaves the house. Pepper helps Tony catch up on some business before Tony heads out to the airport where his plane is kept.

In flight, Tony talks with Rhody. Rhody is unhappy about Tony's lax attitude, and Tony tries to get his old friend to relax. Before long they are drunk and leering at the stewardesses.

Tony arrives at a military outpost in the Middle East to demonstrate his company's latest project- the Jericho, a super-missile system. After the demonstration, Tony gets a phone call from Obadiah and they are both pleased that the demonstration went well. Tony goes off with the convoy that is soon attacked by terrorists. (Ha, tu lah degil sgt!)

Much later, Tony regains consciousness in a cave. His chest is hooked up to a strange device. Another captive, named Yinsen (Shaun Tomb) explains that he operated on Stark but was unable to remove all the shrapnel fragments from the bomb blast. Yinsen created a device-essentially a battery-powered magnet- that will keep the remaining fragments out of Tony's heart.

The agents who captured Tony & Yinsen enter the room. Yinsen translates; they want Tony to build them a Jericho missile. Tony refuses, so they begin to torture Stark.

Hours later, the terrorists show off a huge stockpile of weapons-all made by Stark Industries. Tony appears to relent and start building the missile, but has other plans. With Yinsen's help, Tony constructs a tiny device called an Ark Reactor- a new type of power generator, streamlined from a much bigger design used in one of his companies factory. The power output is enough to run Stark's heart for fifty lifetimes... or something much bigger for about 15 minutes. (Now this part was pretty cool!)

Tony designs a way out for them- a powered weapon suit that he will wear and use to defeat the terrorists. Midway through construction, the head of the terrorist group (The Ten Rings), a man named Raza (Faran Tahir) arrives and attempts to torture Yinsen, angry because he thinks Stark is not working on the Jericho as they wanted. Raza gives them one more day to finish.

Yinsen straps Tony into the armored suit, telling him the way out of the cave. They set off a bomb inside the cell as a distraction for the guards as Tony powers up his suit. Yinsen realizes that they will not have enough time. He grabs a gun and runs off to distract the surviving guards.

Tony, fully powered, muscles his way through the cave. The guards try to stop but his suit easily deflects their weapon fire. Halfway out, Stark finds Yinsen, mortally wounded. Tony tearfully thanks Yinsen for saving him, and Yinsen encourages Tony to not waste his life as he dies.

Tony turns his suit on the terrorists, igniting flame-throwers. (Die! Thy filthy demons!) He destroys their stockpile of weapons and uses a rudimentary jet-pack to blast away from the captive zone. The armor is ruined, but he is alive.

Stark walks over a sand dune when a couple of US helicopters fly overhead. A group of soldiers, led by Rhody, come across Tony. Rhody is overjoyed to find that his friend is alive.

Tony returns to the United States after three months in captivity. Pepper wants Tony to receive medical treatment, but Tony states that there are only two things he wants: an American cheeseburger and a company press conference. Hours later, Tony appears before a group of reporters and announces that he intends to shut down Stark Industries' weapons manufacturing division immediately. At the same time, Pepper is approached by Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) of the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement & Logistic Division agency. They want to talk to Tony Stark about his capture. Pepper schedules an appointment for them.

That evening, Obadiah confronts Tony about his actions, furious. Obadiah knows that the stock value for their company (and, by extension, their financial status) is going to take a serious drop because of this announcement. Tony wants Stark Industries to move forward with Ark Reactor technology, but Obadiah thinks that the Ark Reactor is nothing but a publicity stunt. Through the conversation, Tony ends up revealing his prosthetic power-heart to Obadiah. Stane convinces Tony to lay low for a while so the company can sort things out.

Pepper watches a news report on the declining value of Stark Industries when Tony asks for her help. (Help! Help! I need petite hands for this!)He's created an upgraded Ark Reactor but can't install it into his chest without someone to help. Pepper accidentally yanks out the cords for the old reactor too soon, putting Tony on the verge of cardiac arrest. They manage to complete the process in time. Tony tells Pepper to get rid of the old model since h's not a sentimental person. (I'm not a nostalgic person!)

Tony comes to visit Rhodes and asks for help with a new private project. Rhody does not agree with Tony's approach; he thinks Stark is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder because of his capture and needs time to recover.

Tony turns to his other best friend- JARVIS, the A.I. program- for help. Tony's plan is revealed to be an upgrade to his armored suit (referred to as "Mark 2," with the suit from the terrorist cave being Mark 1).

Meanwhile, the terrorists who held Tony captive are searching the desert, gathering all fragments of the original armor.

Tony decides that the first thing he has to do is perfect the armor's flight system. Since the leg-mounted jets prove too unstable, he creates arm mounted stabilizers to balance out the system. Pepper comes in when he is testing the stabilizers and they find that it also creates a powerful repulsion beam that could also be used as a weapon. Pepper leaves a box on Tony's desk.

Obadiah visits Tony and reveals that the board of directors have filed an injunction to gain control of Stark Industries. Tony isn't worried; he still maintains controlling interest in Stark Industries.

Tony finally manages to perfect his flight system, and is delighted at the prospect of flying.

A new armored suit is soon finished, looking like a heavily-streamlined version of Tony's Mark 1 armor. Tony connects with Jarvis to monitor the progress in the suit. Tony decides to take it out for a test flight, and he is thrilled by everything the suit can do. Tony decides to push the limit for higher-atmosphere flying, but at such great heights the suit becomes coated with ice and his power supply shuts down. Tony is barely able to activate his thrusters in time to avoid crashing into the ground. Stark returns home, but the armor is so heavy that it crashes through three floors of the house.

As Tony recovers from his crash landing, he opens the box that Pepper left behind earlier. It's his original Ark-Reactor heart, with a special border around it reading "Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart." (Awwwwww!)

Tony analyzes more data and decides to rebuild the suit using gold titanium from an old project to solve the icing problem. Tony also instructs Jarvis to add some "hot-rod red" paint to the next suit, codenamed Mark 3. Tony then leaves to attend his annual benefit dinner while the suit is being painted.

At the charity event, Tony meets with Agent Coulson- who still wants to learn about Tony's incident. Tony then leaves to dance with Pepper and they share a moment together in the moonlight. (Awwww! Really, they should've just kissed!)

Tony is confronted by Christine, the reporter from an earlier scene. She shows him photographs of his weapons being used by a terrorist group the previous day in the Middle East. Tony confronts Obadiah on the matter, and Obadiah reveals that he is the one who filed the injunction against Tony. Obadiah calls himself an "Iron Monger," and has no qualms about selling Stark Industries weapons to both sides of the conflict. Tony returns home, furious. When the new suit is completed, Stark steps in and essentially transforms into Iron Man for the first time.

In a Middle East village, terrorists are rounding up civilians for capture & execution when they are confronted by a mysterious figure in red and gold. Iron Man has arrived. Within seconds, he defeats the terrorists and destroys the weapons they had obtained. (Triple T. K. A--Time to totally kick ass!)

As Iron Man leaves the area, two F-22 jets spot him. Col. Rhodes is asked about the status of any new developments. He contacts Tony, who claims that he knows nothing about what is happening. Iron Man tries to outrun the jets but they are too much for him. Tony calls Rhodes and reveals that he is responsible for the "unidentified craft." Rhody is furious about Tony sending in unauthorized equipment, and horrified when Tony explains that the "equipment" is actually himself! Iron Man is hit by one fighter jet, sending him flying into the wing of the second jet. The pilot is forced to eject, but the parachute fails to open. Iron Man, still under fire, manages to fly in and successfully deploy the parachute in time to save the pilot's life. Tony convinces Rhody to pass off what happened with the jets as a "training exercise."

As Tony arrives back at home, Pepper catches him removing the Iron Man armor. (What is going on here????)

Meanwhile, the Ten Rings terrorist group is visited by none other than Obadiah. It is revealed that Stane paid the Ten Rings members to kill Stark, but they realized who Stark was and demanded a much higher price. Obadiah takes the remnants of the Mark 1 armor they have gathered.

Tony tries to talk Pepper into helping him, believing that nothing else matters but stopping the people who he put in harm's way. Pepper is moved by Tony's dedication, and agrees. (Aye, Aye, captain!) She goes into Obadiah's office with a tiny piece of equipment designed to copy files from the computer. As Pepper sifts through stored files, she finds a video from the terrorists proving that Obadiah was responsible for Tony's capture. (I knew it!)

Obadiah comes into the office just as she is leaving, but Pepper manages to get away. However, as soon as he powers up the computer, Obadiah realizes what she was up to. On the way out, Pepper is joined by Agent Coulson and he agrees to help stop Obadiah with his fellow agents. (You're going down, Obadiah!)

Obadiah meets with his team of developers working on his own armored suit. They cannot figure out how to create a power source for the suit. Stane is furious; then realizes that he has one other option.

Stane arrives at Tony's house and paralyzes him with a sonic weapon. Obadiah yanks out the power source from Tony's heart, taunting him all the while. After he leaves, Tony realizes that he has only one hope for survival- the preserved Ark Reactor that Pepper gave him in a display case. He gets the power source installed just as Rhody arrives. (Thank god for Pepper, eh?)

Pepper, Coulson and several other agents arrive at Obadiah's research facility. They spot the Mark 1 Armor and a storage location where something else was kept. Just then, a gigantic robotic suit comes to life and attacks them- it's Obadiah's counterpart suit, code-named the Iron Monger.

Rhody watches Tony suit up, awestruck at the Iron Man costume. As Tony flies away, Rhody looks at the prototype silver suit Tony built earlier... then shakes his head and mumbles "Next time." (I thought it was 'Next time, baby!')

Iron Man arrives and begins to fight Iron Monger. Jarvis warns Tony that he has only about half power in the suit; the older power source wasn't designed to wrok alongside the newer suit. The two ironclad warriors have a huge battle. Tony grabs the Iron Monger and climbs higher. Iron Monger struggles but before long begins to freeze up- his suit still has the same icing problem that Tony's other suit had. Iron Monger manages to escape from this, and Iron Man is now almost completely powerless. (Uh, oh!)

Tony instructs Pepper to overload the building's Ark Reactor, which will generate a shockwave strong enough to knock out the Iron Monger's suit. Pepper is hesitant, believing that Tony could also be killed. Tony manages to keep fighting while she builds up power to the Reactor. The Ark explodes, taking out Obadiah and injuring Tony. But the energy wave from the Reactor also manages to re-charge Tony's heart battery, saving him from death. (Again: Thank God for Pepper!)

Days later, Rhody holds a press conference about the incident with the two robots. Tony is impressed with the newspaper's coming up with the name "Iron Man," and plans to adopt it. Agent Coulson has released cover stories about Obadiah and the "truth" about Iron Man (who will be referred to as Stark's bodyguard). Pepper thanks Coulson but cannot remember the full name of the group he belongs to. Coulson just tells them to call it S.H.I.E.L.D. and states that they will be in touch again.

Tony goes before the reporters once more, and prepares to comply with the cover story. But, before he can even start, Tony Stark throws away his notes and declares "I am Iron Man."

Much later (after the credits), Tony returns home to find a mysterious man in black telling him that as Iron Man, Tony has become part of a larger universe. Tony asks who the man is. He turns around and introduces himself- Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Samuel L. Jackson). He's come to talk with Tony Stark about an upcoming project- known only as "The Avenger Initiative." (Dang! I didn't see this part!)

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So it's written by paladin-64
and I didn't write it all.
I'm not as rajin as Atiqah-dono, here is!
Bite me!
Apparently, I added a couple of notes just
for the fun of it.

I thought this little something from Wikipedia was really good! The part about Downey being a likable assh*le was really funny.

Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark, Iron Man: Favreau had planned to cast a newcomer in the role, but ultimately chose Downey (a fan of the comic) because he felt the actor's past, including cocaine abuse, made him an appropriate choice for the part. "The best and worst moments of Robert's life have been in the public eye," the director explained. "He had to find an inner balance to overcome obstacles that went far beyond his career. That's Tony Stark. Robert brings a depth that goes beyond a comic-book character who is having trouble in high school, or can't get the girl." Favreau also felt Downey could make Stark a "likable asshole", but also depict an authentic emotional journey once he won over the audience.

And this was what happened next:

1. Mimi goes home early coz she can't stay with us for very long. Boo-hoo! Sad-sad...

2. A little problem with everyone's hand phone-- Mine: Out of credit.
Atiqah: Can't open without PUK no.
Elani: Battery low.
Nishi: HP looks like skeletor's and out of credit.
Hafiz: No comment....

3. We went and bought my Hotlink Top-up. Atiqah, called her dad and told him we're ready to go home.

4. Kept running into Aiman and his gang.

5. Stopped at McDonald's to get Elani's dinner (mom's not cooking) and me and Atiqah had chocolate sundaes each.

6. Crawled back to Border's so Atiqah could grab her books. I envy her! I wished I had enough money to buy a couple of my own. Actually I had the money, I just couldn't use it coz' if I did then I'd be broke...Boo-hoo!

7. Headed down and browsed around in Forever 21 with my lovely fellow Napster. All we did was look but it sure was fun!

8. Atiqah's dad calls and we all hop into the car and head back home...

Well, that's about it. The rest of the day; I just hogged the computer and finished my Cute Guys post and commented Napster's update! Hee hee.

Anyway, since Napster and Elani aren't very familiar with how cute Robert was when he was young....Well, then:-

Isn't he just too sweet looking? I always thought he was cute! Well, ta ta for now!

Ja matta ne!~~

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cute Guys

Okay, don't ask me why I'm going to ramble on about cute guys for the next...Gee, I dunno couple of hours maybe? Well, don't ask me why I'm gonna launch in and talk about cute guys for the next few hours.

Cute guys....How do you describe cute guys? In the first place, why are they even called cute guys? Now let's see what the words even mean; cute is comel in Malay and guys means lelaki. So is it lelaki comel, we're talking about here? Not quite! You know why I wrote not quite? Because basically lelaki comel in Malay is like only describing cutsie kind of boys. You know the ones with baby pink lips and muke yang hampir2 nampak cam girls? Yeah, now that's lelaki comel. If you happen to be a big fat huge manga/anime buff like me then you'll understand that these boys are called bishounen. Bi in Japanese means beautiful and the shounen means boys. You watch any animes or mangas out there, you will find a certain difficulty within yourself to dicipher which ones are the boys and which ones are the girls. It gets a little confusing at first as the boys tend to look like females. And no I am NOT kidding. Usually, the best way to tell them apart from girls is by listening to their voices. Despite their very feminine looks, the bishounens happen to have very masculine voices.

And get this, all these cute bishounens are NOT yaoi (gay)!
At least, not the one from Vampire Knight and ShoujoMagic.

Cute guys, on the other hand, however, are men who are gorgeously handsome...We call them cute coz they have a certain boyish cuteness quality about them even though they are fully grown men. Heh. Confusing? You got that right! Okay, let's see who I can grab and push him up here on this fantastic blog of mine...Brad Pitt is a perfect, perfect, perfect example of a cute guy! No scratch that, he is the EPITOME of cute guys. He is the CUTE GUY! Who else are cute guys...Let's see...(Me: Look alive men!!!! Start puffing out those bods!) Oh, James Marsden is a hot, hot, hottie! And so's Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, etc, etc, etc...

Yes, these guys are all cute guys, all hotties...With hot hot bods...With muscled chests (Me: Drool...!), tight behind, broad shoulders, muscular arms (Me: Drools even more... Atiqah: Jeilah! Sudahlah tu!) and so on and so forth. Yeah. A cute face is never enough. Don't ask me why Allah made human beings such pathetic and shallow creatures. For us Muslims, we just take it as a challenge that we're put through. A dugaan (as we so wonderfully would say it in Malay), that we have to rise up against and find the inner beauty of our own kind. But enough about that, the fact is, we're all shallow fools! We like looking at beautiful things...It's just the way we are made. It doesn't matter at all whatever the hell we are...If we're Malay, Chinese, Japanese, or if we're straight or gay or bi...All of us enjoy looking at beautiful people (and things too). For a straight, female, hormonal young adult such as myself, I enjoy looking at gorgeous men. It cannot be helped. I'm made that way. If you want to say mean things to me and diss in my face about what a sl*t/wh$re I am then you can go kiss my wonderfully rounded behind!

For your information, I haven't EVER EVER EVER in my entire eighteen years of life, had I ever had a boyfriend before. NEVER NEVER never EVER! Now I won't lie, I'm not gonna sit back and say I've never wanted one. I have! I have wanted one for many many times already! Surprising much? Not quite. Like all normal growing females, I too have desires and wants and needs of my own. One of my most yearned for desire would be to have a boyfriend. I'll be honest and tell all of you mad stupid people who think I'm a freak coz I haven't yet had a boyfriend, that there is absolutely nothing abnormal about me not having a bf yet. I have strong faith in Islam and under such upbringing that I have had the honor to receive from my fabulous parents, I have come to value my reputation as a good girl. As a good Muslim girl. Now make no mistake my friends, I'm not all that good. I have done very stupid and wrong things myself. But unlike you sad suckers out there, I try to make amends of myself. Instead of trying to be smart and concentrate on your studies and trying to please your parents, you go off to clubs and pubs and party all night long with your sick perverted useless scum bag of a boyfriend. And yet you still think to yourself "This is the sick sad pathetic piece of sh@t you're going to end up with..." Take time to realize that it's with this kind of crap that you put yourself into is what makes you one of the most stupid people on earth. You put yourself in that kind of situation, your the one that's to be blamed, you are the fool who just sits back waste your life away instead of trying to do good for the world and for the afterlife. Baik ko dok rumah, amik air sembahyang, and solat skit. That would be a 1000 times better then going out clubbing and drinking beer and wasting your life away. Sure, it's your life but remember that wasting it makes you trash that is unworthy of living.

Seriously, you wanna be like this?

No, I've never had a boyfriend. No, I don't go out without the hi jab and no, I have never before been engaged in intimate congress. Just because I've never done any of those things does not however, means that I am a prude ustazah. You sick ass pieces of sh@t should really get that through your heads! I read romance novels that are quite mature (if you know what I mean), and I watch movies that are also quite mature. But instead of dressing up and acting like those filthy tarts, I take it as a big huge no-no. I don't do it. I don't wear tight little t-shirts. I don't dare even dream of wearing a 20cm long skirt. The music I listen to pun aren't at all prude. I listen to Rihanna (not a big fan of her), Sean Kingston, Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey,, Fergie, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, P.Diddy, Linkin Park, etc, etc. So yeah, I may be virgin but I am not a prude!

It's great for all of you out there who do not do ridiculous nonsense like that with your boyfriends. Yeah, that's awesome. Good for you. But yg Islam tu jaga2 lah skit. Jgn smapai dah mula meraba-raba, sampai dah berpegang tgn, smapai dah bercium-cium. Tu org kata haram namanya dan haram tu berdosa. It's sinful of a woman and a man to touch each other before marriage. Don't look at me, it's not my rules, it's Allah's. So too bad so sad for ya'll S/W out there.

But back on track again, shall we? So sure, I don't have a boyfriend. But I'll be honest and say that there have been temptations. There have been a lot of temptation. I'm tempted. Really, I am. What crazy hormonal teenager wouldn't be? It's not the idea of having a cute guy with you; it's actually the idea of someone making you feel special, making you fell wanted, desired, loved. Someone to laugh with and cry with. A person that is always there for who loves you and whom you love back! That is the idea of having a boyfriend that tempts me. Any normal, romantic, teenager would probably feel the same. It is nice to have a special someone with you but now is not the time for such things. I'm allowed to look for a bf when I get into Uni/College (which won't be for long). Then, I'll find a nice guy and see what are my chances of ending up with him.

So, yeah, all females (the ones who aren't lesbos), like to look at cute guys. We enjoy looking at cute guys. We too, have desires, you know. I have come to terms with it and know that there is nothing I can do about my desires. You have to accept it. You will have desires but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. You just have to control it. Alah, sat2 je nak tunggu pun. Nati silap hari bulan kawin gak....Hahahahaha.

Trivia (Johnny Depp)

Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the "100 Sexiest Stars in Film History" (#1). [1995]

Daughter, with Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose Melody Depp. [27 May 1999]

Arrested for being in a fight with paparazzis in front of a restaurant in London. [January 1999]

Ranked #67 in Empire (UK) magazine's The Top-100 Movie Stars of All Time list. [October 1997]

Chosen by People (USA) Magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. [1996]

Voted Empire's (UK) Sexiest Male Movie Star of All Time. [1995]

Has twice recorded with British band Oasis. Most notably, he plays lead slide guitar on the track "Fade In-Out", from the 1997 album Be Here Now. Noel Gallagher, Oasis's lead guitarist, was allegedly too drunk to perform it himself, so celebrity pal Depp stepped in and nailed the lead on one take.

Arrested for trashing a New York apartment. [1994]

Ex-fiancées: Sherilyn Fenn, Kate Moss, Jennifer Grey and Winona Ryder.

When engaged to Winona Ryder, he had "Winona forever" tattooed on his arm. After the broke up, he had the n and a surgically removed to simply say "Wino forever!"

Was the guitarist in a band called The Kids.

Currently plays in a band called P.

Trivia (Brad Pitt)

Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#23). [1995]

Turned down a role as an astronaut in Apollo 13 (1995) to accept his role in Se7en (1995).

Posed for a campus calendar in college.

A girl went to Pitt's Hollywood-area home shortly after midnight Jan. 7, 1999 and crawled in through an open window, dressed herself in his clothes and stayed for 10 hours before the alarm went off. Athena Rolando, 19, was ordered not to contact the actor and to stay 100 yards away from him for three years. [1999]

Ranked #32 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list. [October 1997]

Mutally agrees to split with Gwyneth Paltrow. [June 1997]

Banned from entering China because of his role in Seven Years in Tibet (1997). [1997]

Chosen by "People" magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. [1997]

Engaged to actress Gwyneth Paltrow. [20 December 1996]

Donated $100,000 to the Discovery Center - a children's learning museum in his hometown of Springfield, MO. [June 1996]

Chosen by People (USA) magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. [1996]

His first starring role in a feature film was in The Dark Side of the Sun (1997), shot in pre-war Yugoslavia during the summer of 1988. As editing neared completion, civil war broke out in the region and much of the footage was lost. In 1996, after a five-year search, all of the lost footage was found and returned to producer Andjelo Arandjelovic, who is working on getting a distribution deal. Pitt was paid $1,523 per week for seven weeks. He played a young American taken by his family to the Adriatic Sea to search for a cure for a rare skin disease.

Purchased a mansion is Southern California from the actress who portrays "Elvira" (Cassandra Peterson). He reportedly paid $1.7 million for the house. This mansion is filled with antiques and has a "vampirish" look to it. [1996]

1994: Given title "Sexiest Man Alive" from People Magazine, after making Legends of the Fall (1994).

May 1992: Lived in Southern California with friend Buck Simmonds, who starred with him in A River Runs Through It (1992).

Dated Juliette Lewis. They met on the set of the NBC movie of the week Too Young to Die? (1990) (TV). They also did Kalifornia (1993) together.

He was the third choice for the role of J.D. in Thelma & Louise (1991). William Baldwin, the first choice, left to star in Backdraft (1991).

Had to learn to fly-cast for his role in A River Runs Through It (1992). He practiced on top of buildings in Hollywood. During these practices he frequently hooked himself in the back of his head.

Voted "Best Actor" by viewers of MTV's "The Big Picture" (1988) in 1995.

Was a journalism major in college with an advertising focus.

Listed as one of twelve "Promising New Actors of 1991" in John Willis' Screen World, Vol. 43. [1991]

Graduated from Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Mo. [1982]

Dropped out of the University of Missouri School of Journalism (Columbia, Missouri).

In high school was a member of the golf, tennis, and swim teams.

Belonged to the Key Club and the Forensics Club in High School.

Listed in "People Weekly"s "Most Intriguing People" list. (December 25, 1995/January 1, 1996 issue)

He has a brother Doug, born in 1966 and a sister Julie, born in 1969.

Given title "Sexiest Man Alive" from People Magazine, Mr. Pitt was also People's choice in 1995. [2000]

Was considered for the lead in The Matrix (1999).

Has his teeth capped.

Sued Damiani International, the company which created the wedding ring he gave Jennifer Aniston. According to Pitt, the ring was his design and was to be exclusive. The company has since been selling replicas and indicating Pitt/Aniston's endorsement of the ring. [18 July 2001]

He and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston spent $1 million on their wedding. [2000]

He and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston reached a settlement with Damiani International. The pair claimed the company agreed to never reproduce their wedding rings, but it manufactured and sold "Brad and Jennifer" rings in 18 karat white or yellow gold, featuring either 12 or 13 diamonds and costing about $1,000 apiece. Under the settlement, Pitt will now design jewelry for Damiani that Aniston will model in ads, and Damiani will stop selling the Pitt and Aniston copies. [11 January 2002]

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Getting back from KL-The Big Birthday Bash...

Okay, I just got back from KL two nights ago. And going there has been a great experience. The birthday bash was a very lovely and refreshing experience. I've never been to such a party before. Some are similar no doubt, but meeting a few people who are dubbed as 'celebrities' is a nice change from what we are all used to. Okay, I'll be honest and say that the whole meeting-the-rich-and-famous-thing wasn't as exciting or as thrilling as you might imagine. I think it was because these 'celebrities' aren't the people I'm particularly a fan of.

Hmmm...Let's see, who do I really wanna meet more than anyone else in the world? Let's make a list shall we?

1. Johnny Depp- his wonderful and outstanding performance as Capt. Jack Sparrow got me hooked on him instantly.

2. James Marsden-He's cute and gorgeous...What more do I have to say?

3. The Prophet Muhammad- Well, yes, I know he's deceased but he would be the man I would truly LOVE to meet. He comes in third only because I know I can't meet him. Well, at least, not while I'm still alive.

4. Uchiha Itachi-Oh, it'll be truly exciting to discover all the secrets this bastard keeps in his dark closet. Very exciting indeed.

5. VC Andrews-She's a brilliant author, don't you think?

6. Nicholas Sparks-A male romantic. And an author who writes books that move me to tears. What more do you want to make it plain that I adore this guy?

7. My future husband-Hey, what girl doesn't wanna meet her future spouse? I rest my case.

8. My future children-Same thing I said at future husband.

9. William Shakespeare-Another male romantic and an old one at that. (a dead one as well).

10. Various manga artists-Makers of Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, Death Note, RAVE, Dragon Ball, etc, etc, etc.

Alright, having said that I'll tell you who were the people I got to meet at the said birthday party. There was this guy from the Raja Lawak show. A show, fortunately, that I do not watch. I didn't know who the fellow was at all, not until someone mentioned it to me and even then I did not jump up and down in giddy excitement. I'll say this though, he was very interesting to watch and I thought he was quite amusing as well. His silly and over-dramatic acts were clearly an attempt to get all the kids present that day into a happy and cheery mood and guess what? It worked. I immediately began to think fondly of him afterwards and thought "Hey, he was pretty nice to the kids."

There were several others who were considered as well known people but I didn't bothered about them so much as all they did was strut around, nibbled their food slowly and bid my cousins good bye. These set of people didn't interest me at all and I couldn't have cared less about who the hell they were. One of them were from one of the Akedemi Fantasia seasons...

The party unfolded itself nicely. When I first arrived I was filled with a sense of anticipation and excitement. But those feelings vaporised into the air when I kept glancing over at a table of extremely rich kids laughing and screeching their heads off at the clown as he tried to make a poodle balloon. The rich kids were, unfortunately, my cousin, Athirah's friends. I'll be honest and say I was slightly intimidated with this group of aristocracy but at the back of my mind I kept telling myself that I didn't ever need to feel like that in front of these spoiled brats. I am perfectly happy with my life right now and couldn't give a damn about being chauffeur driven or getting my nails done at some expensive nail spa or getting my hands on the latest Chanel handbag. With that in mind, I tried my best to ignore the table of rich kids and concentrated on feeling excited and happy again.

Things got better when the food was served. The food wasn't great. What they had that day was a large container of nasi goreng, another large container of bi hun goreng, a couple of trays of egg sandwiches and sardine sandwiches (quite nice), a small tray of custard éclairs (this was pretty good) and a tray of prettily decorated cupcakes; all small and perfect, covered smoothly with a a layer of pink, green and blue icing with edible silver balls on top. I ate my fair share of the food. I wasn't a glutton but I knew that just by popping in 3 custard éclairs into my mouth, I could kiss my diet good bye and watch it sail out the window.

All the little kiddies, friends of my much younger cousins (Ziyad-8 yrs old and Hannah-6 yrs old) were dancing and jumping about in a mad way on the tiny stage. Some were going all out in their dancing. I remember this cute kid who kept shuffling and every once in a while, would get on his arms and flip his body upwards in a super cool way like the way you see break dancers do. He was quite the show-off but he was highly entertaining and fun to watch. My parents and I laughed like crazy when he started to wriggle his body gracefully when a dangdut song came on.

A couple of times throught the party, I went down stairs to keep company with my grandmother who couldn't afford to walk up the long flight of stairs as she has very chronic athsma. During such times, I missed the part when the clown made the rich boy brats dance and air guitar on stage. I would have loved to watch that. Air guitaring is really funny and personally, I think it takes great skill to pull off a good air guitar solo...Ha ha!

Oh, I even got a beautiful body paint tattoo on my hand. It was baby blue and it was an illustration of lovely delicate flowers all intertwined with each other by a trail and swirl of vines and leaves. I took a picture of it with our camera. My sisters had their hands painted on too and we all got very feminine-like pictures on ourselves. My younger sister had pink roses painted on her and my youngest sis had a butterfly on the back of her hand.

I was really looking forward to the part where the cakes would arrive and we'd be able to cut it and eat the glorious thing. My Mak Su had ordered 4 different types of cakes. The first two had the same flavor and icing but the dressing was completely different. My cousin Ziyad had his cake in the form of Transformers logo all decked up in a masive mix of bright yellow, red and black. Hannah had hers in baby blue, pink and other colors needed to form a picture of a Bratz doll, strutting her stuff in a model-like way on the pink and blue cake. My baby cousin, who is now a 1 year old, had large cupcakes all designed as The Sesame Street characters. There was Big Bird and the Cookie Monster and the red Elmo. I think I still remember my baby cousin's expression when my Mak Su brought out the cupcakes from its box one by one and arranged it on the table. I think he had a look of utter joy and he waved his arms in the cute baby way all babies do when they get excited about something. He even had a grin on his face. Well, baby Farhad looked just oh, so adorable to me. I could have just grabbed him and eat him up instead but the little ball of fluff was just being cranky to all of those he sees as strangers.

Now, this is the part where I turn myself into the pig that I am and gobbled down the pieces of cakes I took. The best was my cousin Athirah's birthday cake! She had a cute round chocolate fudge cake covered in a layer of melted chocolate and a couple of light edible pink roses on top of it. This was the part where I stop so all of you don't get grossed out by the way I eat. Just kidding. I don't think I was being that grotesque... At least, I hope not...Gulps!

I got to sing on stage when we had our karaoke session. I sang Dancing Queen by ABBA and even I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys with my sisters. It was really fun and I even did a little head twitch here and there throughout the songs. Mama made a video out of it with our digital camera and I thought I didn't sound too bad although I wasn't exactly that great either.

Anyway, by the time we were singing, most of the guests had gone back home already. And Athirah's famous chocolate fudge cake had disappeared into all our bellies. I could see my Mak Su grabbing the huge load of presents and stuffing the whole lot into humongous baskets. She loaded them up in her husband's car; Uncle Jaai. But when we were heading out , we luckily bumped into the Mas Aji from the popular Indonesian series; Nabila. He was fairly nice and friendly with my cousins and aunt. He even asked my Mak Su "Wow! Anak semua dilahirkan pada bulan April! Scizerian ke?" to which my Mak Su cried an anguished "Eh! Tak lah! Anugerah Tuhan!"

I got to take a photo with him. Unfortunately, thanks to our session of stuffing ourselves with the mountain of junk food, not all of us could fit into my Uncle Jaai's poor car so we had to take trips instead. I hanged around at the Putri Restaurant with my aunty, Athirah and her friend whom I know as Mel. We chatted happily and my Mak Su couldn't help herself and instead gave into the demands of her stomach and ordered nasi goreng kampung and tom yam. I had to refuse that for a gazillion times. I didn't think my bloated stomach could take it any more. I thought I would burst!

About twenty minutes later, my mom arrived with our Proton Wira and all of us lumbered into the car and drove off. After dropping Mel at her apartment, we headed home.

I think I managed to change into a plain and simple kaftan first before I joined my cousins for the big event of unwrapping the presents. My young cousin, Hannah was particularly thrilled that she received a beautiful hot pink glittered make up box. She liked her other presents too, but I couldn't help notice it was that make up box she slowly but surely carried off too into her room that night (she left the others on the floor of the living room where they unwrapped it).

My cousin Ziyad was pleased with his millions of toys and books. He loved our gift of Beyond The Spiderwick Chronicles--the new installment to the Chronicle series.

Baby Farhad Selahuddin was oblivious to our gift--a Baby Gap shirt and some rather expensive pair of trousers with a brand name I can't remember at the moment....Well, what exactly do you expect from a one year old baby who only goes "Da, da, da, da, da....." all the time? He was content with having to chew on a fluffy pillow thingie he got for his birthday though...What an adorable fluffy thing he is....

After the whole thing ended, I headed up the stairs with my sisters and fell asleep contented after performing my nightly prayers.

I can tell you what else we did the next day on Sunday...Well, we went bowling and had a blast too.

Anyway, long story short, now we've arrived home and all I can say is that I'm just ever so happy with way things worked out even though I didn't make it to the outing with my buds....Sigh.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Am going to KL tomorrow.

Okay, ya'll. Now that I have released my tension to that stupid poerto rican SLUT, I am free to be happy and breezy. I'm going off to KL tomorrow and I'm sure I'm gonna have a good time. It's about the only thing that I've been looking forward to. Gentle cakap, aku malas nak pikir pasal pompuan bengap cam, dia tu. Sbnrnya benda tu dah jadi lame dah tapi aku naik meladak bila aku pikir2 balik, aku dah lame pendam benda tu dalam hati. Lega skit rasenya bila dah lepas geram tu. Phew! Fed up tau bila org sesedap je panggil aku ni 'flamer' and 'rude'. Ade plak si bodoh ni yg bace story dia tu panggil aku an 'idiot'. Menyampah betul.

Takpelah. Aku dah terlalu happy skang nih untuk fikir benda2 stupid camtu! Right now, it's time to think of KL! KL! KL! Here I come! Ahhh....Rindu sesangat tempat aku dilahirkan ni....

What's best about Kuala Lumpur is the super cool skyscrapers. Tall buldings, glinting in the sun light and standing majestically for all the world to see! Super duper uber cool! And then when the sun sets, KL is lighted by the millions of sparkling lights that adorn the streets, hanging in big shady tress and along the side walks. Pergh! What a sight to behold! And seriously, when you visit the shopping malls....Oh, man! It's not like in Penang there aren't many shopping malls. There are GOOD shopping malls in Penang but I dunno. It's just ever so different when I go out with my cousins and my aunts. They are just so cool and sweet.

Can't wait to hang with them again. Sigh. Miss 'em so! Anyway, I guess I won't be able to update my fanfiction just yet. That'll have to wait until after I get back from KL. It's so much easier to think up of the next chapter but it's just sooooo troublesome to write the whole thing down and update! I quote Shikamaru Nara of Naruto, "How troublesome".

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stupid people on

Okay, so I'm an active member on both in terms of reading other people's fanfics and updating/creating my own. So all of a sudden I start to like reading yaoi fanfics. I mean, I don't love it or anything but I do like it. So because I was lazy to find anything serious to read I read this really simple and straight to the point kind of fic, y'know? It was all about two guys screwing each other non-stop and NOTHING ELSE! It went on and on about these dumb guys being with each other day in and day out. So I got bored of it after a while. I mean, who wouldn't? It was just plain FILTHY smut and everybody gets tried of filth like that, right? So I reviewed the author and said yeah her fic was good but only in the smuts department and that her story didn't seem to be developing with a plot! And you know what she said?? She went all "My fic is NOT FILTHY!". Uhh, hello! You write gay stories filled with filthy crap and you're saying it ain't filthy? What's up with that? She has got to be demented! Or just plain dumb. I mean, she writes yaoi and then calls herself 'poerto rican stripper'! And then she was being defensive? And the dumbmest thing is that she NEVER even bothered to reply my review like a normal author would. Instead she posted her dumb reply on her fic! What the hell was that all about, I ask you? I never flamed her! I was only saying what I thought of her filthy fic. That was all. I mean, I didn't go and say that her fic SUCKED and that she'd have been better off by just deleting the stupid thing anyway! Gah! Sometimes there are just too many idiotic people in this world. I expected her to be open-minded enough because she writes yaoi and smut and calls herself a stripper. I guess, she's just an idiot. Okay, she's a pervert for writing it and I'm a pervert for reading, right? So who cares what I said? Why'd she have to go all 'Yo' mama on my butt'? What a pathetic loser! She would've had to be either delusional or dumb or just plain RETARDED! Yea, that's what she was; a frickin' retard!

I hate stupid close-minded people like her! She's so not what a reader needs. I mean, her fic wasn't all that well-written anyway. Her work wouldn't be called 'state of the art literature'. After all, it is filled with filthy crap so how could she ever hope for it to be taken seriously? I mean, people who reviewed her were only after her smut and they left unintelligent reviews like "UPDATE SOON" and "can't wait for more" or just a "cool". But she never gets anything like a "well written fic and good grammar" or "this is a beautifully written fic" or "very interesting concept and I like how you unfold the plot", etc, etc, etc. Nope! That just proves how stupid her filth is! Nobody gives a damn about anything else but her filth. Pathetic loser that she was and is. Before I made that very 'rude' review for her, I had posted oh, so many reviews that were nothing but unintelligent well-meaning shorties like "me wants more" and "love this", etc, etc. But guess what? She NEVER bothered to reply any of it! She never frickin' bothers at all! So suddenly after she got the 'rude' review from me, she's all in my face! What is up with her? What a freak! She's so totally sick! That's what she is! A frickin' sicko!

Note that I am only releasing my tensions and all I want to do is just that at the moment. This is nothing but my unintelligent drabbling. I really just felt like giving that bitch a piece of my mind. Stupid, narrow-minded bitches like her should get cancer and die a painful horrible death! She deserves it! Write filth like that and deny it? Really, I ask you! What the hell is going on in that filthy fugly slutty sicky mind of hers? Loser! How come nice sweet people like Princess Di get perished in a car crash and stupid fools like her don't? Sigh. It is just so unfair.