Saturday, February 28, 2009

Home in Penang!!!!!

Right now, I'm feeling sooooooooo HAPPY but at the same time oh, so sad. I'm in my home right now. I'm in my parents room. It's been so wonderful being back here in my own sanctuary. My home is my castle. Sigh. I think I'll never tire of that saying. It was just perfectly magical being here.

It was momsy's birthday yesterday and boy did we have fun! Mama bought DVDs and we all sat down and watched Slumdog Millionaire and Australia while eating chocolates and Chachos. Or was it Nachos? Can't remember. Anyway, we had spaghetti and meatballs for lunch! There was a HUGE salad bowl(didn't touch that though, not a big fan of veges) as well. The lunch was just LOVELY! We chatted as we ate and laughed, it was just pure heaven. I think these are one of the happiest moments of my entire life.

Later, mama and I went out to Watsons to get me my useful batch of Ponstan. I was attracted to the make-up at the shelves and mama said she'd bought this really wonderful liquid eyeliner at TESCO and she said it only costs RM6.90. Once we got those, we headed straight to TESCO. Heeheee. I actually went and got two things instead of one at TESCO. Momsy's treat. She's just ever so glad that I am home for her birthday just as I am ever so happy to be home. I had that wonderful liquid eyeliner but I also got this beautiful lip gloss. Mmmmm. Lip smacking!

So once we got home, momsy unwrapped her presents was just thrilled to see a Guess handbag (GORGEOUS, frm my mak su o' course), a cupcake making kit(complete with recipe book, frm Ziyad and Hannah and Athirah), a MAC eyeshadow palet(pink with glitters on the cover, by moi) and pretty photo frame with tiny sea shells on it(by papa, Ima and Yaya.

And for dinner, we went out to Swenson's. Oh, I wasn't too keen of my fish-in-a-jacket but I still had a splendid time. It's just so nice to be surrounded by the people you love and to talk to them and laugh with them and eat with them. I think the feeling I felt wasn't just happiness but it was also contentment. I feel so blessed to have such a loving family. Thank you Allah for giving me them. I'm eternally grateful to you.

So, now I'm going back to Shah Alam. I won't say it's "that dreadful place", I won't call it "that horrid place", in fact, I won't say anything bad about it. I do not wish to be upset or to make myself sad. I just want to bring this wonderful feeling to Shah Alam. It'll keep me warm at cold nights, it will put a smile on my lips when I feel lonely and it will make my heart ache with love. Comfort is what it will give me. And love and happiness as well.

Until next time.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Of PGL, fevers and other stuff...

Phew! Okay, there’re so many things going on lately…For example, one of my friends at fac is acting all weird. She’s being all cold to me and treating me as if I were nothing but the dirt under her stubby little toes. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “She’s just exaggerating…” but nope! I ain’t exaggerating right now. I’m deadly serious, if you must know. She’s been like this for some time. Three weeks or more. But who gives a shit about a useless “friend” like her? Cuz’ I’m tired of thinking of what I might’ve done wrong. I’m not a beggar! I will not beg people to be my friend! If she thinks I’m not good enough for her or whatever then she can very well go and f*&# herself! Squeeze the language. But it’s been pissing me off lately, the way she’s been acting. But I’ve felt really good today. I’m quite happy that she wasn’t around today and I haven’t felt this good since the last three weeks. I’ve got a friggin’ pride, god dammit! I would NOT and I mean NEVER stoop as low as to ask her what exactly have I done that she’s found so offensive because guess what? I haven’t done one single thing wrong! Not that I know of. But whatever it is, I’m gonna listen to my true sweet bestie, Atiqah and move on from this wretched issue. I’m just gonna forget about this dipshit girl. After all, who the hell is she compared to my true real long time besties? She’s nothing. And I won’t bother about this anymore. I’m putting it all behind me. I know I can definitely move on now. I won’t need her. Never did actually.

Right, the next thing I’m gonna touch on is the PGL (Puteri Gunung Ledang) the play. I’ll say it was simply awesome! It was really good. I thought AC Mizal as the Gusti Adipati was simply awesome! I mean, he’s usually a comedian but he actually did a fantastic job as a fierce and determined prince. The way his voice sounded…Meh, scary gila! Good job!x2 Tiara Jacquelina was of course perfect as the pretty princess of Java. The acting was all great except for that dude, Stephen Hughes. I thought at first his acting fell a bit flat. I mean, sure he had the voice but somehow or other he sounded a bit lame. :P Natch! Hey, I’m entitled to my own opinions. If I don’t like something then I have the right to say it. Well, anyway, it was only after the twenty minute break did I thought his acting improved. I mean, it was only then that he sounded really good. And I thought his acting was fantastic. He is of course handsome but that is not the reason I like him. I liked his acting mostly rather than his face.

The props and everything was superb. In fact, I’m quite proud that it’s Malaysian’s best. The whole play was absolutely amazing. They were quite creative for using the steps/hill. Most of the play, these steps/hill was used over and over again in creative ways. I thought that was real smart of them to do so. Wish I could get my hands on the soundtrack. I must say that most of the songs were just great. I loved Melaka. It was just so great. The melody and the lyrics… Lovely. I also favor that song that goes “Suatu hari nanti…”. That was really sweet. I mean, the song was all rancak and haunting and mesmerizing, you just get swallowed in it. :D Ahhh…Damn, getting all passionate and dreamy eyed here. D: Sowey ‘bout that. Hehehehe…

Umm, so to put it in a nutshell, I thought the show was fantastic! Really enjoyed myself there. :D

I just had a fever last night…Blugh. Still feel that weird buzzy feeling in the head. Feels like it’s been run over by a train or something. Due to this, I have been popping up pills like nobody’s business. :D All my ponstan have finished now. Hang on. I think I’ve still got a packet left somewhere. Perhaps it’s buried deep underneath in my old back-pack. I shall have to have a looksie.

Am kinda hoping I’ll be able to go back next week. It’s, momsy’s birthday and I’ve already got her something nice so…Mmmm, but I dunno yet. It’s all those bloody test that’s got me freakin’ out a bit. Such a bummer. But I think I’ll manage soon enough. After all, I’ve got another day. I can slog tomorrow.

Well, I’ll update later. Ta!

I'll post the pictures of PGL at Istana Budaya once I get my hands on them.