Tuesday, January 12, 2010



There was this girl,
She had this game,
She toyed with my feelings,
And tossed them into the flames.

She pretended to be a friend,
Smiled with me laughed and joked,
Her easy humor and boyish nature,
Well she was no Lady I'd coach.

This girl said to me,
You are my closest friend but to
a certain degree,
I had no choice but to agree,
For I too had a friend who was closest to me.

Despite our times together,
She knew naught of how to make it last
She used my knowledge and my friendship,
To barter trade it for her benefit.

It was awful to see a friend turned enemy,
What's worse is that it stings like the sea anemone,
Our frindship once was so carefree and lovely,
Now I suppose I'll have to call her a "Frenemy".

A poem by Jalilah/Lily

Dedicated specially for a loser who doesn't know what a god damn good friend she had (well, sorta still has cuz' unfortunately I live with her and it won't do if I have to fight her all the time). Stupid girl. Idiot girl. Hope you learnt your lesson but that's probably asking for too much.