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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Children of The Night

The Children of The Night.

Stumbling down the street,
I’m lost and completely beat,
Wonder what time it is,
If it’s midnight I may perhaps start to get pissed.

It’s dark outside,
I hear the wolves’ howls,
I sniff the air and smell a stench so foul,
Blood running down my chin,
God, help me for I have sinned.

The night sky is all a glimmer,
The hooting owl a silent killer,
I’m stalking for prey and quickly,
Quietly but surely,
I’m getting closer and closer,
I’m chasing my prey,
Leading it into a run just for play.

I watch my prey run,
I watch it hide,
I can hear its rapid breathing,
I can hear the heart beating,
I can hear the silent screaming,
Oh, this is almost too good to be true,
Almost too sweet to be fooled,
Poor little lamb,
For when midnight approaches,
So does my dinner bell.

My jaws are filled with fury,
It is filled with anger,
It has no place for sympathy,
Nor does it beg for your pity,
It is not strong but powerful,
It is merciless not spiteful,
It will crush you and your bones,
Just waiting for you to be alone.

My claws will crush you as well,
Keeping you imprisoned in a cell,
Trapped between the fingers,
A scent of blood lingers,
Right between my nails,
I can hear the tortured wails.

My face is beauty at its perfection,
My eyes glow with earnest fascination,
My limbs are slender but muscular,
My built wide but still slight,
My skin glows like the moon,
My hair is enough to make you swoon,
Yet unlike you I’m not human.

I’m a demon reborn,
I live for centuries,
Something that keeps my mood forlorn,
Despite my moods I still have that hunger,
I need to satiate it,
I crave for blood,
For flesh,
For the ripping and tearing of limbs,
For the piercing of skin,
Straight through the bones,
My heart is filled with the glee of a hunter,
As I embody carnage itself.

I feel no remorse for those I have killed,
I’m no longer one of them,
My loyalty lies to others of my own kind,
But still,
I can love them,
And when I do all I want is to,
Turn them into a demon,
Just as I am,
Just as I always will be,
From the beginning of time,
To the end of centuries.

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