Friday, November 21, 2008

Driving, Bleach and Cousinz

Ohiyo! I'm still spending time with my family only now it has increased in size, literally. My cousins from a far away land (okay, they actually dropped by frm KL) have dropped by our home to spend the vacation. Let me tell you, it's been fun having them here as well as exhausting. Huh huh huh...Panting away. Ziyad who is 9, Hannah who is 6 and Athirah who is 15 have come to our humble abode in order to spend the holidays with us. So far we haven't done anything really fun yet. Well, we did go over to BJ and went bowling for a while. It was quite fun and Ima actually managed to get a strike! My sisters are pretty good bowlers in that sense. They're always scoring strikes every other time we go bowling, which let me tell you, is not very often.

I don't know what I'm gonna do about my driving though...It hasn't driven (haha the irony of that word) me to insanity yet but I can't really remember all the routes...I mean, which one goes through Pesta and gets into Taman Lip Sin? Was it Route A or B? Sigh! I'm just so confused right now. Hopefully the next time I go for one of those darn lessons I'll be able to remember the routes. Dammit! This whole driving thing is so scary!!! Wish I was more like Naruto...I'd just yell out an energetic "Dattebayo!" and unleash the power of the legendary Nine-Tailed Fox! And then you horrible JPJ people and your horrid clipboards and your unruly mustaches will bow down to such immense power and bite the dust as I vroooooom off with my pro-driving skills. But reality doesn't make you a Naruto with a demon fox sealed in you. It doesn't turn you into a pro at driving within the blink of an eye either. Life as we know it, is just isn't fair.

Anyway, have recently gotten into the manga Bleach. I quite like it. Basically it's coz' there're a lot of hot guys in the manga (namely Abarai Renji....Major hottie). But hot guys aside, Bleach is pretty engaging plot-wise and character-wise. Some of the charcters are interesting to watch and it also has some very funny moments. I happen to despise a lesbian in it though as she is about the most sick thing to ever walk the Bleach universe. But Renji, Toshiro and Byakuya are all eye candies that you just enjoy watching.

This was actually supposed to be posted here on 23rd of November but I forgot about it. Sorry...

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