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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Latest Outing

Okay, since I've promised to update my blog I will. Here's a tribute to Corriyn and Atiqah and our lovely outing. Meh! What a fine day that was. Okay so basically I was a bit psyched. I mean, I haven't seen my buds for a while now and I've missed them. I'll be honest I was also a little scared I wasn't gonna wake up early that morning. I've been sleeping late lately and have been prone to getting up real late as well. My breakfast has now become my lunch or 'brunch' as my bro puts it. XD

So I slept at 1 am that night (that's considered EARLY to me). Woke up at 8 am the next morning and guess what? I woke up all by myself, no thanx to that useless alarm clock which also happens to be my hand phone. Kukukukuku...So I wake up in the morning to find that my menses have been in overdrive and are determined to torture me. It's forced all the pain receptors in my body to focus on one spot which is right on my womb!!! I swear to god I could actually feel these hands that squeeze and pull at my fallopian tubes and ovaries...Okay let's not get graphic here.

So I go take a bath downstairs right? Just for the heck of borrowing some of my mom's pads. Then I get dress, put on my make-up and iron my tudung. I had to have my breakfast in order to eat my medicine. Have been coughing real bad...I also swallowed a voltren pain killer to decrease the ultimate pain. And then I waited....And waited some more....

And then they arrive; Atiqah and Corriyn grinning up at me. Atiqah's dad was the one who drove us over to Queensbay.

Once we got there the first thing we did was check out the movies. Scanning everything on the list, we pretty much had to do some debating there. Corriyn and I have watched Twilight (good movie BTW but not as good as Interview With The Vampire). Atiqah and Corriyn were eager to watch Madagascar II but I've already seen that one. In the end, we settled for Bolt, a movie about a cute dog who thinks he has super powers only to discover that he's just a normal dog.

The movie was really good. I dunno if anyone noticed, I surely hope not, but I actually cried cried cried at the start of the movie. The minute Bolt came on and started playing with his fave chew toy, Mr carrot, I cried. Tears came forth and I wept for no reason. Well, unless you call crying over cuteness a reason. I think I was PMS-ing real bad that day...So yeah, I liked the movie. I enjoyed watching it with my friends.

Later after the movie, we drifted into various shops. Some of them included Puma, Nike, Jusco, Momo e, Borders and etc etc etc. Atiqah bought a lot of things, some of which included a hand bag frm Momo e, black slack frm Voir, notebook and belt frm Forever 21...I think I covered just about everything...Corriyn got herself 3 tees for rm50. A goddamned good price if you ask me. I think if ever I have the money again I might go get that at Brand's Outlet. The stuff there are pretty affordable.

We ate at Secret Recipe this time. So tired of McDonald's and Pizza Hut...Sigh. Anyway, I had myself the Fish and Chips (not so great) and Corriyn got herself the Chicken Cordon Bleu. Atiqah, decided that she didn't wanna eat, settled for a glass of tropical smoothie.

So we go around some more after the movie and I bought myself a lip gloss at Guardian. It was on discount and I kinda needed some change to pay back Corriyn. The three of us browsed the mall and Corriyn and Atiqah wanted to take pictures and I needed to go to the toilet badly! My pad bocor already time tuh and I was freaking out! I took the oppurtunity to use the pay phone (hand phone outta service, damn dat Maxis) to call my cuz. They were still hanging around QB so I decided to go back with my family instead. Don't wanna trouble Atiqah's parents and I DO NOT want to spoil their seat with my ahem leakage...

So they went back home and I hanged around to spend the day with my cuzs and sistahs. They were trying on clothes at Jusco and my eyes went straight to the sneakers on display. They were RM20!!!! I asked for my size and the sales person said that the ones I wanted weren't in my size any more. What a shame! And then there was this taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall pair of sneaker-boots that reached up to my knees. It was black with red prints on it and it looked ever so cool! I couldn't resist....And. Then. I. Asked. They had my size and I bought it withought thinking twice! It felt oh sooooooo good!

I found out that cute actor Cam Gigandet is actually a Gap model! Oh man, he was a hottie in Twilight and he was a hottie in that poster on Gap too. My sister and I also stole this super hot pic of a male model posing for the Amor Pour Hommes perfume. We've fallen in love with him and have decided to keep him in our humble abode. I actually stole something!! OMG!!!!

Even though my feet were aching, I walked on with my sisters and cousins. We were in search for wallets for both Ziyad and Athirah.
Then we stopped by Baskin Robbins and all of them had ice creams there except for me! I, the horrible woman with the horrible cough, had to go through tortutorus minutes of watching them gobble their delicious ice creams. It was sooooo unfair!

Long story short, we all got tired and headed home. At home, my Uncle Manan dropped by and all of us watched baby Farhad wear my sneaker-boots! It was hilarious! My boots were more like his pants!

You think that's enough shopping for a girl of 18, eh? Guess not. I'm probably heading to Gurney Plaza tommorrow. Will have fun there!

Peace out!


c.c said...

lol.... sorry to hear bout the ice cream pt u .... have to sit there and c ppl eat.... haha...
anyway..... we did lost u ..coz we even went into the toilet looking 4 u ... haha... there was no .. jell there... just a really cute boy ... answered us when we call out ... haha... funny ...`~~ lalalal.....

fyi: i din't even noticed that u cry ... lol... i'm like too distracted by the cuteness ...of Bolt with his toy .. heheh

Mademoiselle Napster said...

Nice new layout!
Hahaha..yea, we lost you! And I was kinda panic cuz its almost time that my dad would arrive...hehe..

A boot? A knee high boot?! OMG! I'm green with envy..hahaha...

You cry meh?

Sparrow_Wing said...

Yeah I cried tapi I tak nk u guys tau so wat dono...Kikikikiki...Waaa, ya'll went looking 4 me? I went 4 u guys tapi x jumpa so I( pusing2 around mcm org giler. Pak guard kt jusco tu mula pandang pelik kt i! hhahahahahahaha

Mademoiselle Napster said...

Corriyn tagged yo!
Do it, do it, do it...ngeee~