Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We went to pesta, my cousins and my sisters! OMG! I went on 4 rides altogether! It was the freakiest thing on earth! My god, what was I thinking??? My first ride was the Lethal Weapon and that was super scary! I screamed and screamed non-stop! I went like "Allahuakbar! Oh god! Oh Allah, save me! I don't wanna die!!!" Yep, Lethal Weapon is a sick thing to go on. It's a row of seats and all it does is spin you vertically 360 degrees. Even my 9 yr old cousin, Ziyad, went on it. And then me and Athirah hopped on the Sky Rider. A bunch of swings that go spinning around. And then it was the Euro Wheel which is just a ferris wheel. That was quite fun. The next thing and the thing which made me go in ultra throw up mode was the Tristar. I really felt like throwing up on that one. Super scary.

Today is the day they go back home! Hu hu hu...! I'm so sad...I sedih sgt now that they're gonna go away!

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