Thursday, June 4, 2009


Cats...Cats are such beautiful creatures aren't they? I just love cats. There's something going on with them, don't you guys think? The way they move...All sleek and sexy. Wish I could move like that. Instead I was blessed with utter clumsiness and have been known as a klutz, 'budak cemerkap' and other stuff of the same meaning. They're also a bit like babies. You know how sometimes when you look at babies and you think "OMG, they're just sooooo CUTE!! It's like they know they're cute!!" Kucing pun samalah jugak....It knows the power of its cuteness and that it is capable of rendering even the most stoic and aloof people utterly helpless due to its cuteness factor. Kittens are especially cute! Just thinking about them makes me feel like I wanna grab one and cuddle it to death. Natch. Sai once said to me, "You're like the animal psycho killer version of Albert Fish, y'know that!" Lmao. That was cute Sai.

Anyway, I used to have a cat of my own. Two cats actually. The first was called Muffin. Yeah, we like to name our cats with utterly cute and soppy names like that. I personally think it maximises the cuteness factor of a cat. The second kitty was called Baby. See what I mean about the names? What could be cuter than Baby? She was the sweetest most manja kitten in the world. I used to cuddle her and rock her like a real baby and sang her lullabys and watch her sleep in my arms. Utter cuteness!!! She had the sweetest purr too. It was a sound that said "Feed me cuz' I'm cute!"

Muffin was a male cat and Tok Mummy used to call him a gangster! No kidding! But he was cute though and had a particular soft spot for Abang. What am I saying? Abang had a particular soft spot for him! That cat actually died while waiting for my bro. It was so sad...Sometimes Abang says that Muffin will one day return to us. I think that's never gonna happen cuz' when they don't come back then that could only mean that it is the end for them. Poor sweet dears. We truly loved them though.

OMG! She looks a whole lot like Baby!

Cats...I remembered one cute picture of a cat once posted in the Malaysian magazine Gempak. Could never forget that one.

Here are some pics of kitties getting all creative and cute with glass...

I clearly DO NOT like parties...

Oh great! This is your idea of getting 'snug'?

"Plenty of space for me to tap dance!"

"Soooo...Your a boy, huh???"

"Whatchu lookin' at, punk?"

"Hic! Squeeze me!"

"Hey, Tony! Why don't you, uh, fill me up a bit, eh? 'Preciate the gesture there!"

"Minum cam aku lg puas hati!"

"Tak! Minum cam aku lagiiii pueh hati hang! Haaa, ambik hak yg nih!"

Me: "Ewwwww! Grossness!"

And perhaps a couple of drinks too...Damn kitties! They can get away with doing the most disgusting of things too. Way to go for the cuteness factor.


Anonymous said...

Ouh, yesh...cats are cute ;)
But you know me...I takut kucing!! :D
Btw, I deleted the old blog and moved here:

jamilah_zed said...

Aawww...Lily you remembered Muffin and Baby !! How sweet.I miss them too!!..But i really dont miss the poo and cat fur !! Yucks!

sysco said...

hehe.. u remember my words.. nice.. owh.. they're so cute.. i still hv one at home.. a male named chun li.. wrong name i think..

Zouq said...

here me...I do adore cats...can't agree more on their cuteness..unfortunately i had bad memories with cat that makes me really scared and terrified when they're around...seriously.

let's say..we're not belong each other.hahaha