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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You've received an Award, doll!!

Copy award di atas dan nyatakn 5 fakta tentang si pemberi award tersebut:

Thank you my wonderful friend. Arigatou gozaimasu! ;)

About Atiqah Anas:

1. She is extremely hard working and ambitious. You can stop her at all!! She will keep going forward as long as she is still breathing!
2. Not a wanna-be but she's a gonna-be lawyer. Insyallah. :)
3. A loyal, considerate, honest-to-god friend! She'll never betray you...Your the best in a friend that anybody would want!
4. Is extremely smart. She's got the mindset and the intelligence of a pro! You do not want to debate her!
5. Passionate!! She will go through lengths about anything she is passionate...Music, friends, family and taekwan-do(etc, etc) included!

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About me:

1. I'm a huge manga buff. I spend hours on Onemanga just to read various mangas.
2. Constantly on the computer nowadays. All I do is download songs and read other people's blogs. I rarely update my own. Such a lazy bum...
3. Have been eating and eating like nobody's business. Mama has agreed to be my chubby buddy so we're both dieting and puasa-ing.
4. Have fallen in love with Christian Bale again after watching him in Terminator Salvation...
5. Keep telling herself to draw something cool this holiday but still have not...
6. Likes bishonens that people will say look like bapoks...My brother and mother included. Sigh. D:
7. Have been known to break things, drop things and destroy her body parts in the process...Am such a KLUTZ!!
8. Has been dancing the robot every time a dance song comes on...And she's getting pretty good at it too...@.@
9. Is fasting as she writes this and has about the most horrible toothaches of all time. The fact that she is fasting makes it impossible for the pain to go away....>.<
10. Is gonna go watch all of the movies her brother has handed to her which includes Blood In, Blood Out, Pulp Fiction and The Butterfly Effect.


Atiqah Anas said...


Aiya, if extremely smart my CGPA wont be that lousy and my debate wont be so UNstructured and disorganised ler...hmm, come to think of it that is exactly what I need - structure and organisation.

:) Fasting ey? Same here ^_^

And, go draw that something cool!!
I love your drawing.

How about that teaming-uo-with-ur-bro-for-a-post thing?

Start doodling again :)

Zouq said...

hey dear.....
good...fasting is the best for of both world...reward+ weight
Iim so nervous for 2morrow..dead fish..*sweat*

yUKi said...

Oh, nice blog. I can post comment now haha. Guess who this is fufufu

Haish I could only get as far as fasting for one day during the entire break. So much for my pre-holiday determination -_- Ended up spending the holiday passively, except when shopping :-P

Atiqah Anas said...

New layout!!! Soooo you :)

Sparrow_Wing said...

Ini ialah Ainatul kn? I know you! fufufufu! Hey gal, are you on facebook? I kinda wish i could chat up with you there! Jgn kata gambar u gi letak gambar anime and a another name in facebook! Please don't do that! Lol!

Sparrow_Wing said...

I thought so too1 Ada je layout cam ni! thanks tqah!