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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Togame: the annoying, 'cheerio' yelling white haired bitch with a weird psychotic personality. ugh!

check it, there's this new anime i've been watching and getting hooked on. it's called katanagatari. for those of you who're anime freaks, please go check this out cuz' seriously it's awesome! plenty of fighting scenes, cool art, cool characters , etc. everything that a good anime lover would like. (well, shonen lovers, i guess).

anyway, it's the anime i love and i like the hero/anti-hero (depends on how you wanna interpret him) BUT....i just freaking HATE that b*tch Togame!!!!! i hate togame! i hate hate hate hate hate her!!!!! she's such a disgusting thing! i feel like killing her all the time! so fucking annoying!!! yahhh!~

anyway, here's some pictures of her so ya'll (whoever the f*ck ya'll are since nobody bothers with this shitty blog anyway) don't get bored...sigh.
cute couple?? i DON'T think so. i hate them together!!! ugh!~

kukuku!~ i think i'll just annoy lily-chan here since my very existence bugs the hell out of her life. GAH! DIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee togame-bitch!

why i hate togame? she's just evil to me. not a kind bone in her. she's willing to kill most anyone just as long as she can collect her stupid swords. EVIL = STUPID MAIN CHARACTER. and because she's evil i don't think she suits shichika. shichika has no humanity and he should probably be w/ someone kind and sweet so he could become kind and sweet too. meh. i just effin' hate her!

another reason...she's so annoying! already said that but whatever! she is! she likes to jump up and punch shichika while yelling 'cheerio!' which is supposed to be her catchphrase or whatever. totally fucking stupid! she probably thinks it's cute or something. to me, she just looks like a retard. meh.
see!!!?? punching him while yelling 'cheerio!' what kind of retard does that????

yay! on with the moronic 'cheerio!' yell...retard.

reason no. 3: she is COMPLETELY shameless. i HATE girls like her! i can't believe she bathed NAKED with an equally NAKED shichika!!! WTF??? ugh! she wasn't even blushing. she even told him to stand up so she could look at his NAKED NAKED NAKED NAKED body!!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!~ what kind of a dirty girl is she??? has she no shame whatsoever? i thought she was supposed to be some feudal lord's daughter and a princess by birth or some other shit like that. (i haven't watched the complete series bt i just can't stand her!) AND THEN she has the grace, i tell you, the FUCKING GRACE to blush when shichika says cute endearing things like "i wanted o be your sword!", or "i fell for togame!" or whatever. she even blushed like mad when he tickled her collar bone. what the HELL?? what is THAT? what is THAT??? GAH! fucking hate her! psycho bitch!!! there was another time when she even dressed naked in front of shichika too! i seriously SQUIRMED with unease as i watched that episode. YUCK!

i'll admit...i hated shichika a whole lot at first too but he kinda grew on me by the time i reached episode 8...i thought oh he does have some kindness to him...quite cute. and oh, he can be beaten after all...meh. anyway, i guess the whole point of this post is...I HATE TOGAME!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I think it's a bit late, but I had to comment this.

First of all, I hate Togame too.
By this time, you should have already watched the whole anime, but if you haven't, do it.
In my opinion, the last episode is the best. Togame gets her just deserts, Shichika runs wild and... well, I don't want to spoil anything.

See ya!

PD: Fuck you Togame plain bitch! You deserved it!
PD2: I'm spanish, so don't blame me about my expressions :P

Sparrow_Wing said...

yo, totally, dude! togame is such a fuckingly annoying character! seriously wish someone would just chop her head off!

yeah, by now i've already watched the whole thing. you cn read another one of my blog posts whereby i reviewed the entire anime! i think in the end, my hatred for her did go dwn a she's still an annoying bitch!

nah, i don't blame u for ur language or whtvr! after all, i fucking cursed like hell in this blog post. meh! seriously, togame brought out the WORST in me! lawl. thanks for leaving a comment! it's really nice to finally get one after years of no comments! :)

Anonymous said...

I hate that fucking bitch too. I can't stand that fucking little bitch. With that damn annoying "cheerio" shit. And I like this anime, so I wonder why does it have such a fucking annoying main character like her. Damn that Togame bitch. I would like to get into that 2D world and beat the shit out of her.


Sparrow_Wing said...

Thank you Zizou! I know right!? She's so frickin' annoying! I so wanted to kill her back then! Friggin' ANNOYING!!! Would chop her head off and stick it up on a stick if I had my way! Really didn't get why she was the main character!