Sunday, May 22, 2011


So okay, it has already been over 3 weeks since I have started my intersession. For those of you are wondering what it is, it's just basically me taking a course for next semester and doing it in the holidays. The course I'm taking is Economics.

I think Economics has been pretty interesting so far. I am still able to understand what is being taught and guess what? I am actually REVISING and STUDYING nowadays! Have you ever heard of that before??? I am not known for studying or for revising stuff. I'm a lazy bum who will never want to touch an educational book even if my life depended on it...Well, okay I do study but it's only ever last minute stuff. I don't do it just for fun! Uh, hello! Like, never!

I will NEVER be like this guy over here
unless it's the finals...

When you're doing this whole intersession thing, I guess it's fair to warn you that please if you have any hope at all about meeting cute guys in your class(es) just abandon those hopes. It's not gonna happen. The boys that you'll see are probably the ones from your course. Go figure.

No, there will be no Ian Somerhalders lying about anywhere near while you're doing you're
Dream on!

And most certainly NO Alex Pettyfers as well.
Nope, NOT gonna happen. :)

And let's not even start on James Franco. Sigh.

Besides this, it is probably good to warn you that most shops and stores you are familiar with are not going to be open when everyone else is having their holidays. So it's best if you prepare a list of places where you can get some grub that won't be closing at all even if it's the semester's break.
And by grub, I only mean yummy looking stuff like Char Kuey Teow. ;)

Oh God, I think I just died and went to food heaven!

Nasi Goreng!!! Most favorite dish to order at sec 2.

It is also going to get verrrrryy lonely. I knew this was gonna happen of course. I mean, everyone else has gone off to have fun somewhere! Happily jumping about everywhere! I knew this, but it just never cease to AMAZE me how quiet the very busy UiTM can be! I kept commenting on it and I think I pretty much annoyed some people in the process!


Make sure you have reliable internet connection, books, mangas, animes, your laptop, and other entertainment things to keep you company. Since I only took one class for the intersession, we only attend class in the morning from 11am to 2pm (ha! 2PM, fave k-pop band) and the rest of the day we are FREE! FREEDOM!~ FREEDOM!~ FREEDOM!~ Gotta give what you take!~

-__- *ignore my bad singing*

Okay, so basically those are all the things I feel are interesting enough to report here. So if ever you wanna do the intersession thingie, I say go for it and be prepared for all of the above things. :)

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Frank0wnsMe said...

Hey! I just read your blog on Intersession. I'm in for the March intake and I was wondering if you have to take a course during the Intersession? Like is it compulsory or if you don't take a course, what do you do?

I'm pretty curious since I don't know much on how UiTM works.

It'll be much appreciated if you answered :)