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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Am going to KL tomorrow.

Okay, ya'll. Now that I have released my tension to that stupid poerto rican SLUT, I am free to be happy and breezy. I'm going off to KL tomorrow and I'm sure I'm gonna have a good time. It's about the only thing that I've been looking forward to. Gentle cakap, aku malas nak pikir pasal pompuan bengap cam, dia tu. Sbnrnya benda tu dah jadi lame dah tapi aku naik meladak bila aku pikir2 balik, aku dah lame pendam benda tu dalam hati. Lega skit rasenya bila dah lepas geram tu. Phew! Fed up tau bila org sesedap je panggil aku ni 'flamer' and 'rude'. Ade plak si bodoh ni yg bace story dia tu panggil aku an 'idiot'. Menyampah betul.

Takpelah. Aku dah terlalu happy skang nih untuk fikir benda2 stupid camtu! Right now, it's time to think of KL! KL! KL! Here I come! Ahhh....Rindu sesangat tempat aku dilahirkan ni....

What's best about Kuala Lumpur is the super cool skyscrapers. Tall buldings, glinting in the sun light and standing majestically for all the world to see! Super duper uber cool! And then when the sun sets, KL is lighted by the millions of sparkling lights that adorn the streets, hanging in big shady tress and along the side walks. Pergh! What a sight to behold! And seriously, when you visit the shopping malls....Oh, man! It's not like in Penang there aren't many shopping malls. There are GOOD shopping malls in Penang but I dunno. It's just ever so different when I go out with my cousins and my aunts. They are just so cool and sweet.

Can't wait to hang with them again. Sigh. Miss 'em so! Anyway, I guess I won't be able to update my fanfiction just yet. That'll have to wait until after I get back from KL. It's so much easier to think up of the next chapter but it's just sooooo troublesome to write the whole thing down and update! I quote Shikamaru Nara of Naruto, "How troublesome".


Atiqah Anas said...

Hiya girl! Wow, you answer my call ^_^ *LOL*
Neways...I'm soo happy, Maverick Queens are ready to rock the blog world!
Now we have our hommies here!
Hey, enjoy KL ya.. I mean really, I kemaruk sangat nih nak pi sana...Uncle Zaed I, that doctor and my cousin slalu ajk but you know things to do here.

Pss. Yep, the mall in KL are definitely better than here. Can't wait to shop at Robinson, nak check out Pavilion and The Gardens and...most of all, Bangsar Village!! I'm so crazy about Ted Baker these days...hardly there's any good British designer don't you think?

Maverick no Knight said...

Jeng jeng jeng!
Kalau dah pi KL tu jgn lupa la kat aku ok! ^-^