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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Currently in love with Akanishi Jin and Kazuya Kamenashi from KAT-TUN. Most people who are not J-pop fans will probably not know them. But everywhere I go, I keep bumping into Kame and Jin DVDs at DVD stores. I realised they're really quite popular. Wow, and I thought I had them all to myself. Abang says they look like little faggots. He calls them names like "Bapok!" or "Eeee! GAY!!" Yea, my bro's a homophobe. I'm not exactly a homophobe but I don't believe in same sex marriage at all. It's just part of the religion baby. No hard feelings.


Abang calls them that coz' they're obviously pretty boys. Pretty boys...There's something so ultra appealing about that term. As far as I'm concerned, women have always had a thing for pretty boys. It's like we're most attracted to these faces that have a slight feminine touch to them. My list of boy toys have only had pretty boys on them. There was the occasional Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman (more of a rugged type, eh?) but the rest were all bishonens.

First pretty boy on the list goes to Sagara Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin. He was pretty cute. And lasted quite a while too. 3 years to be exact. I liked him since I was 9...

Sagara Sanosuke

Second on the list, was probably Sanzo from Saiyuki. Saiyuki had loads of hotties though so that's a bit hard to discern. I guess it ranged from Sanzo to Gojyo to Homura....Man, they look like Kame though...
Genjo Sanzo

Homura Taishi

I think the next dude was probably Johnny Depp from Pirates....
Jack Sparrow

JD from Chocolat. *DROOLS*

I'll just list 'em down so it'll be easier...
  1. Garett Hedlund-Four Brothers (Thought he was a major hottie)
  2. Stelios-300 (Had a bit of a thing for him throught the whole 2006)
  3. Christian Bale-Shaft and Dark Knight (My Gawd, this man is sexy! He had such a nice physique too)
  4. Hidan-Naruto (Ooooh, he was sexy! Foul-mouthed and silver haired! Who wouldn't love 'im?)
  5. Sasuke-Naruto (Didn't like him at fisrt. Grew on me later!)
  6. Itachi-Naruto (Sasuke's smexy brother! Uchihacest!)
Christian Bale

So yeah, I like bishonens. It's not about being sexually attracted to women or anything. I don't like girls cuz' well, I'm just as equiped (if not better, if I do say so myself)...Pretty boys on the other hand. Oh, they're just soooo lovely to look at. This post has been only for my own pleasure. I just wanted to write something yg memuaskan hati....Atiqah wrote about a hottie Frenchy once so I wanna do the same.


Mademoiselle Napster said...

So my Frenh Gaspard Ulliel post is all behind this drooling-over-pretty-boy post ey?
Hahaha! You mad woman!!
Okay...lets, see...I'm not so crazy over Christian Bale and those J-Pop boys BUT...Kenshin Himura & Hugh Jackman!!! Grrr!


I know, I know Kenshin is just a fictional character but my, with such character and charisma...If only he exist in the real world ;)

Okay...aku tak mau kacau Jack Sparrow hang...karang kena walk the plank pulak XD

Ps. I TAG YOU!! Make sure buat. Ini punishment sebab tak ikut I dgn Nishi pi Gurney tadi. Hahaha...just kidding yea :)

Sparrow_Wing said...

Gaspard Ulliel tu mmg a hottie! Yeah, Kenshin...He was soooo cute and cool! Mmg sgt cool. Every time dia main pedang mmg sure glued to the screen.

Wah very well! I shall do the tag!