Wednesday, May 6, 2009

25th Anniversary...

Today we celebrated Mama and Papa's 25th wedding anniversary! We went out to have dinner at Secret Recipe. It was really nice. It was the first time for Ima and Yaya to eat at Secret Recipe. I mean, they've had the cakes and stuff from SR but they've never had a real meal there. Ima ordered the Chicken Cordon Bleu and Yaya had the prawn maccaroni and cheese. I had this kebab thing which unfortunately paled in comparison to everyone else's dishes. But I had the best drink ever which was the oreo milkshake. Really frickin' fatteing but who cares! I mean, after this we won't ever be able to go out to nice places again. Well, not for at least another 4 months. My dad has decided to go on a pilgrimage for 4 months. He is very religious in that sense but even so you don't see me or my or my sisters for that matter wearing stuff like the purdah...We're given at least that much freedom.

Secret Recipe with lil' sisters. Aren't Kawaii!!!??

When we got home, all of us had the cake I baked yesterday. It looks all pretty now cuz' Mama went and decorated it with the purple deco n chocolate flakes. We also had the sparkling wine. It's non alcoholic but Yaya, Mama and me pretended like we were drinking champagne or something. Mama had taken out all of her lovely delicate little wine glasses and it all looked so lovely.

Mama and me pretending we're divas
drinking champagne. Lol

Tommorrow is the day I go back to Shah Alam. I'll be going back with Papa so it won't be so boring. Have been stuffing myself with nothing but phonetics for the past coupla' days so I hope that's enough for the exam. Sigh.

Mama bought a present for herself and Papa. She said that people usually gave each other a clock when it's a 'silver anniversary'. 'Silver anniversary' means its been 25 years of marriage. Insyallah, they will live many more years happily together. I pray I'll be as blessed as they are...
True to her word, she bought herself a lovely clock. It's so very English.


Anonymous said...

I wish your mum at friendster ;)
Sparkling wine...I love sparkling water....Hahah, speaking of sparkling water I remembered there was one time I went out dinner with the classmates and I ordered Esprit, passion fruit, my cant-live-without sparkling water and guess what? Luqman thought it was like...the WINE...and there was this girl already giving me weird looks cuz she never know that thing before...I was like, whatever ppl!!!
Ouh...miss you.

All the best with the final battle!!

jamilah_zed said...

Hey baby,
We had a great time huh!! Thanks for your yummy cake.Love you

P/S You will get your wish darling!!

Sparrow_Wing said...

All these stupid people are so annoying kn? I penah ckp kt skolah dulu I drank sparkling wine and all of them cried and said it was haram! Cam cacat je! even after i told them it was non-alcoholic those idiots still gave me weirdo looks and stupid comments. Meluat aku!

Anonymous said... point arguing with them...They just don't want to LEARN more about it and kept on with their assumptions,pre-judgements..whatever..
I'm done putting up with those kinds of situation...
Nak jadi sarcastic pun bertempatla skit...haha..agak-agak la! XD

Sparrow_Wing said...

Thankz mama! I'll always love you!
I hv a feeling I'll get my wish too kn? Hugs!