Friday, May 22, 2009

Got my RESULTS!!!

Found out this afternoon.
Was scared sh*tless!! I'd been trying to check for my results ever since last night.
Even during subuh morning prayer I checked the student portal again just to see if it had come out yet.

The minute the whole thing came up my eyes scrolled over the marks...A, A-, A-, A, B, B+, B-....
Phew! So far so good...
Now the CGPA and overall result....
Drum roll please....!~
tatatata TUM!

3.56 for this sem and 3.5 for both sems! Whoopx2! Lady Lily is extremely pleased with herself!
Sure it's not a 4 flat but whatever!~ I aimed for 3.5+ at least and I got it! Kept praying for it to Allah and He gave it to me! Syukur alhamdulillah!

To the rest of my buds, good luck! Wish to see you all again some time. Stay safe.

Peace out!~


jamilah_zed said...

Way to go baby!! soo proud of you!..Keep it up baby girl!
Luv ya,

Sparrow_Wing said...

Merci be coup mama! Am so very happy to hv made you proud! Hugss, the best momsy in the world!