Thursday, May 21, 2009

Outing with Buds!

Okay that was a whole lotta fun. Sedih sebab the rest of our familiar faces weren't there though. Oh, Elani-chan why did you move to horrible Shah Alam?? Let's take it from the top then, shall we?
Woke this morning at 8.00 am. (I know, early!) Groggily crawled back to my own room (slept with my mom cuz' I practically knocked out on her bed). At 9, threw away the covers to go have breakfast. Hm, today was toast and half-boiled eggs. Yum.

Watched American Idol Finale! It was a cool show. Every year, American Idol always gives off a great party and viewers can't help but be entertained. They had American Idol judge Kara sing Vision of Love and take off her clothes (she wore a bikini underneath), Black Eyed Peas performed their latest single and I thought it was great! Legendary rock band KISS was there too and you could practically see Adam Lambert's throat when he yelled at the top of his lungs along with Gene Simmons and his buddies. I was pretty shocked Kris won coz' I was rooting for Adam but Kris is good. He's cute. He's like a little hamster or something equally adorable...Whereas Adam...Wow, he's flamboyant, outgoing, edgy and gay gay GAY as hell!! America didn't want Adam to win cuz' he's gay obviously...At least, America has some hope left in them...

Moving on, went to Queensbay mall for our outing. It was just me, Tqah, Nishi and Hafiz. Missed my BJ buds...I think it's been a long time since I last saw them.

We bought our tickets first. Tqah and I had discounts cuz' we brought our student cards along with us but Nishi was moaning and whining instead. He'd went and forgot about student cards and had to pay RM 10 for the ticket...When you're a student I say use every single little advantage you've got! RM 4 ain't such a small amount when you really get down to it. You could get like, a sundae at McD's (boycotting it tho :P) or a plate of french fries at Dave's Deli or a notebook or something...Well, you get the picture.

Hafiz overslept and so we had to wait for him. Surprise surprise.

Atiqah and Nishi decided to eat at Dave's Deli (haha, tu la cm ne dpt tau price french fries dia). Atiqah ordered fettucini I think and Nishi had this special combo stuff which consisted of a small portion of spaghetti and an equally small portion of lasagna. I didn't order anything at all cuz' I'd already eaten.

Nishi actually went and mixed EVERYTHING up on his plate! He rolled everything into one big huge pile of food...Everything, the coleslow, spaghetti, lasagna all thrown into a heap...It was the most disastrous thing ever! Nishi had the gall to call it art! Art!! I ask of you!

"You call it gross, I see it as a creativity!" he declared and proceeded to gulp down huge amounts of "it".

Nishi calls it creativity
I call it "CRAZY"
Nishi the Sushi

Even Hafiz thought some of the things Nishi had eaten were just plain weird! Well, me and Atiqah tried a bit of Nishi's creation and thought "Hm, boleh tahan rasa dia..." We did it grudgingly though. Huhuhuhu...

Atiqah thought her fettucini was a bit dissapointing. I had a bit of that too and I had to agree with her. It was alright but nothing "Ooh, jumping outta your seat WOW!!!"

Tiqah at Dave's Deli

We watched Night At The Museum 2 and it was hilarious! Really funny and entertaining. I think I'd prefer it more next to Wolverine. Abang said Wolvy wasn't so good so...Ben Stiller did a good job! Owen Wilson and Steeve Coogan was really cute as the miniature Jedediah and Octavius! They were so adorable and funny! That squirell part tu was just so LOL material!
Night At The Museum 2

Octavius and Jedediah

Anyway, the movie starts off with Ben Stiller being an inventor and having created the Glow in The Dark Flashlight; he's no longer a night guard at a museum. A few minutes into the show, he later on finds out that the wax figures at the Museum of Natural History (where he used to work) are being taken away to another place. He was upset and tried to find ways to stop the museum from crumbling. Unfortunately, nothing worked.

Soon, he gets a call from lil' Jedediah saying they needed help from Kahmunrah, Ahkmenrah's brother who's determined to steal that tablet thingy to rule the world and stuff.

Larry (Stiller) rushes off to save his friends and teams up with Amelia Earhart whom he has a romantic interest in.

Amelia Earhart

The Thinker

They bump into various exhibits as they try to save Jedediah from being drowned in a sand hour glass. Some of the things they bumped into included a giant squid, 'The Thinker', Albert Einstein bobble heads, and even more. In the end, everyone is saved and Larry returns to being a night guard. It was a really good movie. I think all of us enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

I can't wait for another outing...Well, later.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get out with you again too!!

jamilah_zed said...

Glad you guys had fun!!
Am sure gonna miss American Idol !!..Wednesdays and Thursdays wont be the same !! Dah lah True Blood pun